'Big Brother 14' Spoilers: The Ultimate Betrayal?
'Big Brother 14' Spoilers: The Ultimate Betrayal?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Big Brother 14 has been full of big moves. There was the planned blindsiding of Frank in week 3, the ACTUAL blindsiding of Frank last week, backdooring Janelle, Ian betraying Boogie and, of course, Dan's funeral. With less than one week to the finale, the biggest move may be yet to come.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 14 spoilers.

Danielle nominated Dan and Ian and then she won the final Power of Veto competition. She will reveal whether she will use it during Thursday's live eviction episode right before the lone vote is cast.

In theory, you might think it's simple. Danielle will keep the nominations the same, Shane will evict Ian and everything will be easy as pie. But that's not necessarily what will happen.

On the live feeds, Danielle and Shane have been talking about having her use the PoV to save Dan. Why would they do that? So they can force Dan to evict Ian, getting all of the blood on his hands so that Shane doesn't need to make the tough choice and make jury members angry at him. If that sounds incredibly stupid, it's because they aren't familiar with the game and don't know that you actually need some blood on your hands to win.

But that's not the ultimate betrayal. While Dan is assuring Danielle and Shane that he will vote to evict Ian, he's secretly plotting to evict Shane instead!

Yes, Danielle and Shane have no idea that Dan has a final 2 deal with Ian, and if this works out the way Dan hopes it will, it could easily surpass his own funeral in terms of epic game moves. Imagine getting Shane to approve of Danielle using the Power of Veto only to have Dan evict him. Imagine Danielle's face when Dan betrays her. I hope this happens, because it sounds too delicious not to be true.

You might think it's a bad game move (Ian is literally the only person left who could or should beat Dan in the finale), but it's smart. If Dan leaves Shane and Danielle in the game, he knows there's a good chance they would bring each other to the end if either wins the final HoH. Therefore, Dan would NEED to win in order to make the finale.

On the other hand, with Shane gone, Danielle will DEFINITELY take Dan over Ian if she wins (even with this ultimate betrayal) and Ian would probably do the same thing. In other words, by evicting Shane instead of Ian, Dan effectively goes from a 33 percent chance of being in the finale to a 100 percent chance. Those are good odds.

Without a doubt, Dan Gheesling has played the best game this season, no easy feat considering the fact that everyone knew he was the best player coming into the game. I'm worried that the jury won't want to give him ANOTHER half million dollars, but he has certainly earned it. H definitely deserves to be the Sandra Diaz-Twine of Big Brother (she won twice on Survivor).

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