Will Heather Mills Drop out of Dancing With the Stars
In the beginning, it was sort of like watching the freeway waiting for car crash.  Heather Mills joining Dancing With the Stars was just risky.  Not only because of her obvious physical challenge, but also because of her high profile tabloid bating divorce from former Beatle Paul McCartney.  None the less Heather Mills' stunned Dancing With the Stars viewers with her initial appearances.  Despite rumors of sores forming from the friction being exerted from her prosthetic leg, to early reports of aborted practice sessions, Mills came out to inspire audiences everywhere.  Now, sadly, the feisty Brit is acknowledging that her problems are only worsening.

Over the past week, as the competition heads to its more physically demanding dances, rehearsals become more and more rigorous.  Mills' highly publicized problems in the beginning may not have impacted her performance so far, but with next weeks demanding 'Jive' competition, Mills' is beginning to cut back on rehearsals yet again, this time due to crippling back pain.

Mills told United Press International that "I rehearsed for only three hours last week because my pelvis was really hurting," she said. "I thought I can push myself to a degree where my pelvis starts causing huge problems or I can take it easy. I decided against pushing too hard so I could only do three hours."

Most of this stress comes from the fact that the Jive requires more constant distribution of weight.    For an amputee, jumping from foot to foot is no easy task.  Each landing is different and requires a repositioning of muscles through the pelvis and back to land straight. 
"I'm worried about next week; I've got to do the jive - you try and hop on a leg that's like concrete and the other leg bounces up and down like a trampoline."

So far,  Mills has not mentioned the word 'quit' once, and given her success beyond the odds thus far, it is difficult to imagine that she will be.  None the less, the worst is definitely yet to come in terms of physical demands.  If one thing is for certain, common sense will not rule out this determined individual's chances of staying in the game.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image from UPI)