Why Skeptical Fans Should Give 'Dancing with the Stars: Athletes' a Chance
Why Skeptical Fans Should Give 'Dancing with the Stars: Athletes' a Chance
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
ABC is trying something new this Spring with Dancing with the Stars: Athletes. It's still the same show with the same pros, judges and hosts, but there's going to be a lot less of it. The mini-season will run for just four weeks as 10 accomplished athletes compete for the Mirror Ball.

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Some fans may be a tad disappointed that there's so little and might think that it's not even worth it to watch. But there are still plenty of reasons to check it out, from less filler to potentially better dancing to one particularly hilarious couple.

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Here  are five reasons why you should give Dancing With the Stars: Athletes a chance.

The Shorter the Better

As much as you may enjoy the 10-week season, it can sometimes feel a little too long. There are typically a bunch of terrible dancers who you have to wait weeks to see finally go home, the dances can sometimes feel repetitive and thee two-hour finales are padded with tons of filler. DWTS: Athletes will have none of those problems. It's a quick bite, just enough dancing to keep you satiated until a regular season comes in the Fall. And with a one-hour finale, we won't have to endure countless filler performances.

The Promise of Quality Dancing

Most seasons of DWTS are filled with washed-up stars who can't dance at all and have no business being in the ballroom. The benefit of an all-athlete season is that the stars all understand hard work and training. Even better, the majority of these stars are still active, in the primes of their careers, and should be able to deliver a much higher overall quality of dancing than we're used to. With such a condensed format, we may even see 9s or 10s from the judges in week 1. This is certainly preferable to suffering through four routines from Mr. T.

Lindsay and the Giant

In the last few years pro Lindsay Arnold has proven herself to be one of the show's best dancers, delivering brilliant routines, bringing out the best in her partners and going far every time, winning last season with Jordan Fisher. But this season she has a very big challenge. Not only is her partner 71-year-old Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (about 30 years older than any partner she's ever had), but he's also 7'2''. That's more than a foot and a half taller than Lindsay, so the hilarious visual of these two dancing together makes it worth watching the premiere.

The Pros

If you didn't watch the Winter Olympics and therefore have no idea who most of the stars are, there's always the pros. This season has a solid line-up of pro partners. When it comes to the men, Keo, Artem, Gleb, Sasha and Alan have about 36 abs between the five of them, so there's a lot to enjoy

As for the women, three of them have won the Mirror Ball before and one of them has made it to second place twice. And when it comes to creative choreography and amazing routines, Lindsay Arnold and Sharna Burgess are on par with Mark Ballas, so this season should have plenty of amazing and creative routines.

Tom and Erin

Tom Bergeron is easily the most consistently entertaining host on any reality show. His quick wit and fun-loving attitude makes any season of DWTS worth watching. Also, Erin Andrews sometimes gets a bad reputation for being flighty and awkward with her interviews, but it's always clear that her true passion is sports.

In past seasons she's been much more excited whenever she gets to talk to an athlete she admires so she can geek out over them. In a season filled entirely with athletes, Erin will be in her element and it will be fun to watch her hopefully blossom as a co-host.

Will you watch DWTS: Athletes? Dancing with the Stars: Athletes premieres Monday, April 30 at 8/7c on ABC. For more updates, like BuddyTV's DWTS Facebook page.

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