Why Frankie Muniz Deserves to Win 'Dancing with the Stars'
Why Frankie Muniz Deserves to Win 'Dancing with the Stars'
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The final four for Dancing with the Stars season 25 has been set. Jordan Fisher, Lindsey Stirling, Drew Scott and Frankie Muniz will be facing off against each other one more time for the Mirrorball Trophy. It's likely that it's really just a race (or dance) between Jordan and Lindsey for the end. However, underdog Frankie Muniz might be the most deserving winner of Dancing with the Stars season 25.

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Most Improved Dancer

Frankie is not the best dancer on season 25. It would be ridiculous to pretend otherwise. Jordan Fisher is miles ahead of his competition and it's been that way since the season started. Based on sheer skill alone, Jordan is the odds on-favorite and he should win Dancing with the Stars season 25. However, the show is much more than raw or unfiltered dancing moves. 

First and foremost, Dancing with the Stars is about the emotions that contestants can pull out of the audience. Sometimes that is done just in the dancing but also that story goes far beyond the dance floor and discerning eye of the judges. Dancing with the Stars is a journey, usually a heartwarming one, of a celebrity finding a new life (or sense of fame) through the emotions of dance. It's far more interesting to watch someone start off stumbling and awkward but ultimately flourish on the show, than it is to see them succeed from the very start. Frankie has been that underdog figure throughout the competition. 

Frankie started off the season stilted and stiff. He was out of his depth and made that clear from the moment he stepped in front of the camera. Dancing was not his natural activity and he did not feel comfortable doing it. Yet as the season has gone on he's become much more polished and while not ready to turn pro when the season wraps, he's been consistently at the top of the leaderboard with good reason. Frankie has definitely struggled and hit low points but in that struggle he's also gotten better and better, rising to the top. 

Moving Malcolm Above the Middle

Frankie isn't the best dancer but he's certainly one of the most improved and consistently enjoyable. There's something so infectious and lovable about Frankie on the dance floor that hasn't been imitated by any of his competition. 

The cast of season 25 isn't unlikable or boring by any measure. Jordan, in addition to being a tremendous dancer, is also a little ray of sunshine bundled up in a human frame. Drew Scott, meanwhile, has shown a real progression from klutz to leading man on the dance floor. Yet in terms of tenacity and the story he has told, so far, Frankie has both guys (and Lindsey Stirling) beat. 

Frankie is so incredibly easy to root for and he's someone you want to see succeed no matter what. That's because he's embraced Dancing with the Stars experience fully. While a few contestants in season 25 (all now eliminated) had a real intensity of competition, wanting to win, Frankie fully devoted himself to having fun. He hasn't been casually or lazy about the show but his carefree and approachable attitude has made him one of the most relatable contestants in the season. 

Dancing with the Stars is a competition is based on skill but a large and important part of determining the winner has to do with popularity. The story from start to finish is just as vital to choosing the most deserving winner as the skill they've put on the dance floor. An ideal Dancing with the Stars victor is someone who can put the audience in a good mood and make them appreciate dance. There's been no one who has done that job better than Frankie Muniz. 

Do you agree? Do you think Frankie would be a good winner for season 25? Does he even stand a chance at winning? Who would you like to see walk away victorious? 

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