Why Charo Will Be Great on 'Dancing with the Stars'
Why Charo Will Be Great on 'Dancing with the Stars'
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
It's hard to know what to expect from Charo on Dancing with the Stars. The Spanish flamenco guitarist and comedian is so unpredictable that even her age is in question (she's either 76 or, if you ask her, 66).

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Partnered with Keo Motsepe, it's possible Charo will be a trainwreck, but I have much higher hopes for her. It's not all about the technical skills, a big aspect of DWTS is personality. That's where Charo excels and why she could be the most entertaining star of season 24 and last a lot longer than you might think.

Pro: She's a Natural Performer

You can't teach charisma, which is something Charo has in spades. She's a ball of fire and with a long career in entertainment, she knows how to put on a show. That's a crucial component on DWTS that often gets overlooked. Sure, she might not be the best technical dancer and probably won't be on top of the leaderboard ever, but she has the "Wow" factor and can use that to win over the viewers.

A strong personality helped carry people like Bill Engvall and Tommy Chong to the end of the competition despite not being particularly great dancers. Typically, the contestants who get eliminated early aren't just bad dancers, they're also dull personalities who don't get fans excited. As long as Charo can keep things fun, she can win over enough votes to offset any potentially low scores.

Con: Her Age

Whether she's 66 or 76, she's definitely the oldest constant this season and that's not a good thing. Kirstie Alley, at 60, is the oldest person ever to finish in the Final 4 (and she made it to second place). But outside of her, the best someone as old as Charo could hope for is a deep run to fifth place like 66-year-old George Hamilton or 76-year-old Tommy Chong.

Pro or Con: Keo Motsepe

Keo has had a hard road in his first four seasons as a pro. In his first three seasons he was always eliminated first or second. Then last time he was partnered with Jodie Sweetin, making it to sixth place, though many people, myself included, blamed his inexperience and choreography for her poor finish.

But to be fair, I think Keo needed that time with Jodie to really find himself as a pro. By the end of their season, his routines had become more interesting and he was starting to figure out how to be a professional on this show. He improved quite a bit and I'm curious to see what he learned from that experience and how he can adapt moving forward.

Will Charo be a disaster and send Keo home early again or can she be entertaining enough to surprise everyone like Tommy Chong or Bill Engvall?

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