The Season 12 'Dancing with the Stars' Celebrities: Something Familiar
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The season 12 cast of Dancing with the Stars has been announced. And, while the names themselves are not totally familiar, there's still a shock of recognition when we realize who all of the stars are. DWTS tends to attract certain types, and they're all present for the upcoming season.

You can't accuse Dancing with the Stars of not trying to get big, exciting names on their show. In the weeks and months before the official season 12 cast announcement, we saw the names of a wide variety of politicians and political hangers-on (Al Sharpton, Christine O'Donnell, anyone named Palin) mixed in with some cool TV rumors (Portia de Rossi, Ryan Seacrest).

Alas, such lofty wishes were not to be!

Instead, we are left with some standard "types" that always seem to be found by the DWTS producers. Don't believe me? Just check out the season 12 stars:

The Aging but Iconic Star: Sugar Ray Leonard

The Disney Star No One over the Age of 15 Has Ever Heard Of: Chelsea Kane

The Music Industry Personality Whose Career Isn't What It Once Was: Romeo

The Beloved '80s Actor Looking for a Comeback: Ralph Macchio

The Beautiful Woman with a Moderate Fame and a Tragic Story: Petra Nemcova

The Reality Star Looking to Cash in on Her Possibly Fleeting Moment of Fame: Kendra Wilkinson

The Token Football Player: Hines Ward

The "Who???" Guy They Brought in to Fill the Cast: Mike Catherwood

The Outspoken and Comedic Female Star: Wendy Williams

The Reality Show Veteran with Just Enough Fame to Command Respect: Chris Jericho

The Legitimate but Slightly Tarnished Star Whose Personal Issues Will Overshadow Any Past Success:  Kirstie Alley

We don't even have to look very hard to find parallels between the season 12 stars and previous celebrity contestants.

The producers obviously hope that Chelsea Kane and Ralph Macchio will be the next Kyle Massey and Jennifer Grey, respectively (as well they should, considering how season 11 turned out). But it doesn't stop there. Romeo shares more than a few characteristics with Brandy. And Sugar Ray Leonard immediately evokes memories of Buzz Aldrin and Florence Henderson -- superstars known even to non-fans of their fields.

Maybe such familiarity isn't a bad thing. After all, Dancing with the Stars is now in its 12th season of serious success. The formula has worked, so why change it?

And who knows? Maybe we'll all be big fans of Mike Catherwood in a few weeks.

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