Should Marie Osmond be Allowed to Continue 'Dancing with the Stars'?
After Marie Osmond's collapse on Dancing with the Stars, a lot of fans and critics are pleading for the star to either step down, or be ejected from the show.  There are a lot of questions being raised, particularly about ABC's health screening process.  Osmond openly admitted to frequently suffering blackouts, and her reasoning for the blackouts ranged wildly from ‘forgetting to breath,' to insinuating that the air quality of the studio was to blame.  Meanwhile, damaging information concerning Osmond's past has begun to circulate that suggests there may be an even darker side to her collapse.

ABC screens contestants for health problems before admitting them to the show, so you would have to assume that Osmond's frequent black outs were undeclared.   If Osmond were to black out during one of Dancing with the Stars more acrobatic dances, the results cold be bone shattering and potentially liabelous for ABC.  But, this does not answer the question of why she passed out to begin with., and many other gossipy news outlets have uncovered a history of eating disorders in Osmond's past, insinuating a broader problem with dysmorphia and obsessive weight control.  Osmond has boasted losing 20  pounds since the competition began.  That may seem like a lot, but Mark Cuban boasted a 30 pound weight loss.  TMZ also forwarded the rumor that upon coming to, Osmond downed a Red Bull back stage.

Some medical analysts have determined the event to be a simple case of hyperventilation.  If that is the case, the continuing rigors of the competition place Marie at great risk for a repeat performance.  Dancing with the Stars, by nature, becomes even more physically demanding as the season goes on.

The collapse and the subsequent revelations have generated a lot of concern for Marie.  Her career as a performer really shouldn't be punctuated by a collapse on the stage, but it certainly shouldn't be punctuated by a second one either.  Whether the insinuations that this is due to rapid weight loss are true, or not, the event should have sent red flags up for ABC.  How do you feel about the alphabet networks handling of the situation?

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of ABC)