Dancing With the Stars Hough Calls Off Wedding!
Overactive imaginations everywhere have cast Olympic gold medalist Apolo Ohno and his Dancing With the Stars partner Julianne Hough in a romantic light, but reality refuses to illuminate with them.  Even though Hough’s recent announcement that she is calling off  her wedding to beau and former dancer Zach Wilson produced a swell of hope amongst fans of a Ohno/Hough hookup, it turns out the delay was simply a scheduling conflict.

The wedding was to take place in Utah on August 8th, but the couple has postponed the ceremony indefinitely.   People magazine was quick to home in on the possibility that a Ohno Hough hookup might have thrown the nuptials in jeopardy, but Hough was quick with an incredulous denial. "No! Zach and I are still together.  We just want more time before we get married.  It's all good!"

Ohno and Hough have teetered between finalist potential and odds on favorites for Dancing With the Stars largely based on the sex appeal of their performances.   Many former contestants, including Heather Mills, are rooting for Ohno to win the competition, and if you listen to the analysts in the betting world a Fatone vs Ohno finale is a virtual lock.

No doubt a win would only galvanize the portion of Dancing With the Stars fans looking for the illusive Apolo and Julianne relationship, but it just is not going to happen.  Although far more private about it, Apolo has a love life outside of Dancing With the Stars as well.

With the love connection off the table it looks like the only thing left to focus on for this couple is their chances of winning the contest.  So far, the duo has scored more perfect sets of 30 than any other couple on the show, but has been mildly criticized for perhaps not showing enough ‘urgency’ to win.  That could change next week as the four hottest couples go head to head with no more odd-couples to take the heat.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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