On Her 'DWTS' Co-Hosting Debut: How Did Brooke Burke Do?
On Her 'DWTS' Co-Hosting Debut: How Did Brooke Burke Do?
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Comments were mostly negative on Brooke Burke's co-hosting debut on the Dancing with the Stars premiere. She may have won season 7 of the show, but if DWTS viewers could vote off a co-host, Burke might just be out of here faster than you can say "Viennese Waltz."

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Besides awkwardly hunched over posture, Brooke appeared more than a little nervous or uncomfortable her first night out of the co-hosting gate. She spoke with little spontaneity or fun throughout the show. Even her laughs sounded rehearsed. With so much going on around her, I didn't see it at first. But after watching Brooke again, she seemed disconnected from the couples she was interviewing. Everything was just mechanical and flat and stiff.

Samantha Harris isn't looking so bad right now, eh?

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But let's cut her some slack. This was Brooke's first try as Tom's Dancing co-host, and it's not an easy gig. It's more than possible that she'll loosen up and show more personality in the coming weeks. I'm not saying we need a comedienne to co-host Dancing with the Stars, but a little edge and character wouldn't hurt, either. Brooke showed neither in her debut. Also, cutting off a contestant, be it intentional or not, is such a no-no.

Some users have complained that Brooke's dress was too revealing, but I didn't see any problem with it. Although, it didn't help her case when she gushed as Niecy Nash dedicated her routine to "thick girls everywhere." Brooke said something like, "I love that you're embracing the woman!" Right, Brooke, you can so relate to that.

What did you think of Brooke's debut as Dancing with the Stars co-host?

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