Need More 'Dancing with the Stars'? Check Out the ABC 'DWTS' Blogs
Need More 'Dancing with the Stars'? Check Out the ABC 'DWTS' Blogs
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
While we here at BuddyTV try valiantly to meet your Dancing with the Stars needs, sometimes it's not enough. You may need more DWTS news and features than you can get from one little site.

That's OK. That's why ABC has a whole bunch of blog options and more for Dancing with the Stars fans. And one of those blogs was even written by me!

WARNING: Shameless self-promotion ahead. Continue at your own risk.

My Guest Blog!
ABC has a series of guest blogs appearing on the official Dancing with the Stars website this season. And I got to write one! Currently sitting prominently on the show's website is my blog, "How to Win Over the Dancing Fans."

You should check it out, because it's awesome. It will probably entertain you a lot. But you can't know for sure if you don't take a look!

After you look, however, I humbly request that you return here to BuddyTV. I'd miss you if you didn't.

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Other Stuff on the ABC DWTS Site!
Alas for my ego, my guest blog is but a small fraction of the ABC Dancing with the Stars website. This is good for you though.

Other features of the website include a weekly "Front Row Blog" from former DWTS contestant Melissa Rycroft, highlights from the week's dances, DWTS team pages, the post-elimination interviews with Jimmy Kimmel and more.

That should be enough to keep you busy, right?

I hope so. Because that's a lot of Dancing with the Stars.

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