Dancing with the Stars 8: Top 13 Live Results (Page 2/3)
Dancing with the Stars 8: Top 13 Live Results (Page 2/3)
For now we find out which four couples won't have to dance to save their sequined skin.  The first couple safe to dance again are Lawrence and Edyta.  Joining them are Shawn and Mark.  Also back next are Chuck and Julianne.  And the fourth couple who is still in the competition: David and Kym.

In no particular order, the next four couples who will be back next Monday are Denise and Maks, Melissa and Tony, Lil' Kim and Derek, and Gilles and Cheryl.

Eight couples are now safe, but five more still await their fate.

Season 5 competitor, Cameron Mathison, gives the current crop of celebrities a quick survival guide for the season.  Don't trip down the stairs, make friends in the red room with your fellow competitors but also take the time to psych them out, cry as much as you can on camera, kiss up to the judges (including dry cleaning Bruno's man-panties), and make friends with the spray tanner.  And, oh yeah, if you want to avoid injury, don't sign up.

The Macy's Stars of Dance put on a performance.  It's a perfectly fine performance, but I'm having a hard time caring about it.  Maybe it's just because I want to know who is going to be in the dance-off, or maybe it's because I don't know anything about these Macy's Stars of Dance dancers.  I have no emotional connection to them.

It's Jewel's turn to take the stage.  She sings "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" from her new album, accompanied by new-to-Dancing with the Stars pros, Chelsie Hightower and Dmitry Chaplin, both So You Think You Can Dance alums.  Raise your hand if you're glad these two joined the cast?  I'm definitely happy to see them here and doing so well.  They look gorgeous dancing together.  Their chemistry is amazing, and it's great to see them doing so well, despite not winning So You Think You Can Dance.

We take a quick filler break to watch the current stars sizing up the rest of their competition.  There are three singers, three actors, three athletes, two reality stars, a computer nerd and a jackass.

Now, the five couples still awaiting their results can wait no longer.  Three of these couples are safe, and the other two must dance for their lives.  The three couples who are safe are Holly and Dmitry, Ty and Chelsie, and Steve-O and Lacey!

This means that Belinda must face-off against the Woz to determine who will stay and who will go.

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