Dancing with the Stars 8: Season Premiere Live Thoughts (Page 4/4)
Dancing with the Stars 8: Season Premiere Live Thoughts (Page 4/4)
Next up, David Alan Grier and Kym Johnson.  Upon first meeting, David cracks a bunch of jokes that Kym doesn't really get.  She doesn't get when he's being serious and when he's kidding.  They dance the waltz tonight, and while his footwork needs a lot of help, he's not the disaster I was expecting him to be.  Good job, David!  Of course, I can watch Kym dance all day, and it doesn't hurt him to have her as a partner.  Oops, he's a bit awkward in the last pose, but all in all, a valiant effort.  Bruno says that he has some good lines, but his posture is not great in his holds.  He also criticizes David's schizophrenic dance floor persona.  Carrie Ann, who worked with him in In Living Color, compliments him and gives him some constructive criticism.  Len says something about his bottom, and then Carrie Ann pipes in again about an illegal lift.  The scores: Carrie Ann gives 6, Len gives 7 and Bruno gives 6, for a 19 out of 30.

Oh no, it's Denise Richards and Maksim Chmerkovskiy next.  Wait, I love, love, love Maks, but I'm not really a fan of Denise's.  I hope no one gets offended when I say that I hope she gets voted off soon.  Oh God, she starts crying in her rehearsal footage.  It's the very beginning of the competition, and already she's blubbering?  They have the cha cha cha tonight, OK, I think she's better than Kim Kardashian was last season, but she's still really awkward and gawky.  She doesn't quite know what to do with her limbs.  All three judges see a lot of potential in her, but she just has to tone up, tighten up her movements and figure out what to do.  The scores: Carrie Ann gives 6, Len gives 6 and Bruno gives 6, for an 18 out of 30.

OK, final couple of the night.  Because we haven't seen the clips from "After the Final Rose" enough, we see another clip of Jason "Jerkface" Mesnick breaking up with her.  (Haha, the audience boos Jason!)  It's Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani, dancing the watlz to "Moon River."  I"m so proud of her, not only for how she handled her breakup, but also for doing such a fantastic job on her waltz tonight with only two days to learn the routine.  I'm also glad that Tony Dovolani gets a non-cougar this season.  Maybe he'll actually make it to the finals this season.  Brava!  Nancy O'Dell gives Melissa a standing ovation, even on her bad leg.  Len says that The Bachelor's loss is Dancing with the Star's gain, but she's got to watch her balletic footwork.  (She has a background in ballet and cheerleading.)  Bruno calls Jason a loser and raves about her arms and beautiful lines.  Carrie Ann is also impressed with the routine, but she says that she's got to be more present in the routine.  The scores: Carrie Ann gives 8, Len gives 7 and Bruno gives 8, for a 23 out of 30.

So, there is no Dancing with the Stars tomorrow night.  (We've got to fix that in our Dancing with the Stars Fantasy League.)  Next Monday, all 13 couples will return to dance another routine.  Then, the following night, the bottom two will dance off to determine which will be the first eliminated.  See you then!

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