Louie Vito: 'Dancing with the Stars' Helps in Olympics
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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Remember Louie Vito? Fans of Dancing with the Stars may only remember him for his stint on last season's show, but the guy's also a snowboarder, and a pretty good one, too. He's currently competing on the Vancouver Games representing the US. Writing on his blog for People, the 21-year-old says Dancing with the Stars has helped him in terms of handling pressure.

"Dancing With the Stars was pressure like I've never dealt with before," he says. "Every week you're kind of going out there wearing clothes you'd never even really wear on Halloween, and even more so you're doing something you don't have a lot of confidence in every week in front of a live audience with 22 million people. In snowboarding, I'm wearing what I want to wear, doing what I know I'm good at and what I know the judges want to see and it's just a lot more relaxing in that sense."

Vito, 21, adds that people in Canada have told him that they have voted for him.

"It's great," he writes. "Dancing With the Stars is a lot more mainstream than [former DWTS champion] Apolo Ohno's sport and even more than snowboarding, but it doesn't really bother me at all. Any kind of thing like that is a positive look for me!"

Along with partner Chelsie Hightower, Vito was eliminated on the show's sixth episode. He wasn't really a great dancer, but his energy endeared him to the crowd. There were also rumors of off-screen romance between Vito and Hightower, especially in light of fellow DWTS contestant Aaron Carter admitting that he had a crush on the former So You Think You Can Dance contestant.

Vito, finally, says living in the Olympic Village is especially nice, since it gives you a sense of camaraderie and nation.

"Whereas I would never wear a Team USA snowboard jacket on a normal day, when you are in the Village and all of the other countries are wearing theirs, and you're with your homies from the USA, it definitely gives you a sense of pride."

Source: People
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