It's 'Friday': The 'Dancing with the Stars' Remix
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
It doesn't get any guiltier than "Friday," so it's fitting that a Dancing with the Stars remix of the YouTube sensation would appear during Guilty Pleasures Week. Granted, it's debatable whether the song counts as a pleasure.

Pleasurable or just guilty, "Friday" now has an "official" Dancing with the Stars remix, thanks to two of the remaining pairs (and one very special friend).

In between what may be frantic rehearsing for their sixth week of performances, Chelsea Kane, Mark Ballas, Romeo and Chelsie Hightower took a break to record a (thankfully) brief version of Rebecca Black's "Friday."

The video features Chelsea on lead vocals, Mark on beat-box, Romeo with a rap interlude and Chelsie dancing on through. Also pictured toward the end is one Pia Toscano, apparently just hanging out at the studio. Can't imagine why.

Check out the video (I promise it's less horrifying than the original):

While no one can deny the ubiquitous pop presence of Rebecca Black's original ode to a day of the week, I feel comfortable in declaring the DWTS remix to be a superior version. Why?

  • Chelsea Kane, while not the greatest singer in existence, does not use any auto-tuning.
  • Mark Ballas provides an acceptable beat-box accompaniment.
  • Romeo has actual talent in the arena of pop-rap performance. It's nice to see talent applied to something that's otherwise formulaic.
  • Chelsea's random robot dancing is awesome.
  • They didn't take the easy route and assign the singing to Pia. 
  • It's actual fun, not the weird, manufactured-for-YouTube variety.

Of course, if you have a masochistic desire to subject yourself to the original, it's not hard to find. In fact, we'll make your pain even easier.

Or, if you don't like pain but have an undeniable love of all things in crappy pop culture, you can check out the Stephen Colbert/Jimmy Fallon/Roots remix from a couple of weeks ago:

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Did you enjoy the Dancing with the Stars "Friday" remix? Are you over the song, or do we need more versions? What other songs should random DWTS celebrities cover? Let us know below!

(Image courtesy of ABC; videos courtesy of YouTube and NBC)