Is Jordan Fisher the Best Male Celebrity in 'Dancing with the Stars' History?
Is Jordan Fisher the Best Male Celebrity in 'Dancing with the Stars' History?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The finale of Dancing with the Stars season 25 was picture perfect for Jordan Fisher. He won the Mirror Ball Trophy with partner Lindsay Arnold after receiving two more perfect scores, he set several records for the show, and he earned some very distinctive praise from the judges.

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Head judge Len Goodman said that Jordan is probably the best male celebrity who has ever been on the show, with Bruno Tionioli in total agreement. That's a big claim, but is it true?

Jordan is certainly in the conversation. He's one of only 12 male stars to win the Mirror Ball and, at 23, he's the youngest male celebrity to win. He also earned nine perfect scores out of his 17 total scored routines, an all-time record. He had smooth, beautiful moves and made every routine look simple.

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His natural charisma also shined as he was able to add entertainment and fun to every dance. He was so great that I put an astounding eight of his routines on my list of the 20 Best Dances of Season 25.

In trying to figure out whether Jordan is the best male star in DWTS history, you have to look at who else might be in consideration. I've narrowed the field down to just four others.

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Season 4's Apolo Anton Ohno and season 19's Alfonso Ribeiro are the only other male winners to receive five perfect scores. Apolo used his speed skating skills to glide across the ballroom with ease. Alfonso has been a performer for most of his life and excelled at showmanship. If you're only looking at the 12 men who've won the Mirror Ball, these would have to be the Top 3.

There are also two runners-up worth mentioning: season 8's Gilles Marini and season 20's Riker Lynch. In terms of overall average score from the judges, they were the two best, both averaging 28 or more points per routine. To be fair, Jordan Fisher has the third highest average score among male stars, as he was just a single judges' point away from reaching that elite 28 out of 30 average.

Gilles and Riker also both earned five perfect scores in their seasons. Gilles' smoldering sexuality made him a perfect fit for the show while Riker was energetic and joyous, quite similar to Jordan.

So who is the best male star? Does winning the Mirror Ball or getting the best scores from the judges matter?

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