Interactive Options for Even More 'Dancing with the Stars'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Can't get enough Dancing with the Stars? Feel like six days are too many between program airings? Do you wish that you could do more for your favorite couple?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then DWTS wants to help you out. Through the official Dancing with the Stars show page, you can remedy your withdrawal pangs via show interaction contests, team support pages and a live Twitter feed from the stars themselves.

For the millions of budding choreographers out there, DWTS is allowing fans to design one of the pro dances this season. You will have an opportunity each week to vote on one aspect of the dance. For the first week -- which ends at 9 AM PDT on Friday, September 24 -- you pick the dance. Want to know how you're supposed to do a cha cha? Or is the tango more your style? Once voters pick the dance, later polls will choose the song and dancers for this musical extravaganza. The final week adds a twist. DWTS wants you to write and submit a dance concept (including props, theme and number of rhinestones). Five of those concepts will appear for fan voting in the final week of the competition before the dance finally airs in November.

This may seem too complicated, but that's OK. You can still participate in the Dancing with the Stars experience through the Team Support pages. If you are desperately in love with one (or all, we don't judge) of the contestants, you can lend your support directly through the appropriate team page. Leave a comment for Team Florky! "Like" Team Schmurgles on Facebook! Lament the early passing of Team DanceHoff with the Germans!

But it may be that contests and official pages are just too impersonal for you, the devoted fan. In that case, may I suggest Twitter? Ten out of the twelve celebrities (sorry Florence Henderson and Bristol Palin fans!) and all of the pro dancers tweet just for you (and the many thousands of other followers). You can learn their innermost hopes and dreams. Or maybe just ponder how The Situation manages consistently to refer to himself in the third person using only 140 characters. You can sign up to follow each dancer separately or just go to the Twitter feed kindly provided by the official DWTS show page.

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