How do you Rate the Dances With the Stars Judging?
I've been thinking about this for the past couple of weeks:  why is there such a huge divide between the way the Dancing With the Stars judges score the contestants, and the way the voters at home score them?  You could easily say that it is the judges knowledge of craft that separates them, but knowledge of craft is supposed to equate to a sense of the aesthetic generality of an art form.  Who is right?  The Dancing With the Stars judges, or the majority?  Here's what some of you had to say:

marc1 said: Joey, Ian, Apollo, Heather, Billy Ray, and Laila are my top 6; na not necessarily in that order. But, I really want to comment on how good the judges are on this show. They really break down what's wrong and what needs to improve. They are so tough on the stars this season and its not to be mean. Its to help them improve. I love the judging this year.

I think the judges are providing intelligent, enlightening commentary - I'm learning something - but I can't figure out for the life of me what happens between the yacking and the scoring.  Sometimes they praise a dancer thoroughly, and give a mediocre score, and other times, poof, they do exactly the opposite.

CLARE BROOKS said:When will the judges start to be fair when it comes to Heather Mills. She makes mistakes and her dancing is not that good. I really don’t care if she has one leg or two. Yet she is getting high praise from the judges when the others, for the same mistakes, are getting the very mean comments. Heather is getting the “Feel sorry for her” vote. Len, are you voting her so high because she is a Brit? Why not have a handicap Dancing With the Stars Show. Heather does not belong with the others. It is unfair to say the very least.

Well Clare and Marc are definitely on different sides.  Are the judges being conciliatory? Goldie seems to be falling on Clare's side of the court:

Goldie said: It seems Len was not as "honest" with his judging last night when it came to Heather Mills. Last week she flopped/bounced around- then this week her partner continued to do the work as she posed. Her posture (shoulders) were poor, her arms did not fully extend nor show any grace in several turns which clearly was inferior to other contestants who were bashed by the male judges not to mention poor coverage and use of the dance floor. I can understand the lack of foot movement, but all in all Heather Mills is getting sympathy scores- Carrie Ann was the only one with guts to say so and try to offer suggestions.

This commentator, on the other hand, takes offense to the idea that Len is handling Heather, or anyone else, with kid gloves:

peach said: Clare, c'mon. Len's judging of Heather is biased because he's a brit? That's like me accusing you of disliking Heather because you are a beatles fan, and you wouldn't think that was fair, would you? Heather is where she deserves to be - in the middle. She's better than those scored lower, not as good as those at the top. Last night wasn't her best dance, but her previous dances have been terrific. I do think she's been trying to incorporate some of the judge's suggestions, while week after week Clyde and Leeza walk on the dance floor. Joey & Kym were definitely in a class by themselves last night, altho I thought Apolo did a pretty decent job too.

So what do you think?  Are the judges putting their scores where their mouths are?  Is Len cutting Heather too much slack?  Chime in below; or better yet visit our Dancing With the Stars forum and join in on the in-depth conversation!

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV
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