Heather Mills Pleased with Her Performance on Dancing with the Stars
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
The fourth season of Dancing with the Stars premiered Monday with much anticipation from the viewers as it showcased the much talked about Heather Mills. Despite the controversy surrounding the possibility of her prosthetic leg go flying off during her dance routine, she was pleased with the outcome of her dancing debut.

Mills, being the first contestant to perform on Dancing with the Stars, garnered good reviews from the three judges. In fact, Len Goodman, one of the three judges on the show, commended her performance. He said, "There was far more right about that routine than wrong…I think you are an inspiration to people to get out and dance." Meanwhile, judge Bruno Tonioli added, "You've got more guts than Rambo." And despite Mills’ tense upper body, she exuded grace and confidence, which was enough for her and her partner Jonathan Roberts to garner 18 points.

Overall, Mills was very satisfied with the results. She said, "I'm just glad I did not fall over…I thought I would be lowest, so I am pleased." Early March, Mills expressed her optimism on her joining the show and even joked about how funny it would be if her prosthetic leg would go flying off. This even sparked an online gambling site called Bodog.com to open bets on Mills’ artificial leg to go flying off during her dance routine.

Mills’ controversy build up, whether surrounding her bitter divorce with former husband Sir Paul McCartney or her participation on Dancing with the Stars, has prompted viewers to quench their curiosity over the said show averaging 21.7 million in its launch, according to Nielsen Media Research’s initial estimate. If the numbers keep up, it will surpass the show’s third season premiere.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: E! Online

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