Heather Mills Turns Down U.K.'s Celebrity Big Brother
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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Many celebrities showcased on Dancing with the Stars were pleased to be given the opportunity to revive their showbiz careers just like what happened to Jerry Springer, Mario Lopez, Joey Lawrence and Lisa Rinna among others, who acquired several acting or hosting gigs after their inclusion on the popular dance program. But in the case of Heather Mills, who was reported to turn down another reality show, she just kept on shunning away from the spotlight.

After Mills was eliminated on last week’s Dancing with the Stars, she reportedly ditched some scheduled TV appearances on The Jimmy Kimmel Show and The View. Her latest rebuff came in the form of U.K.’s Celebrity Big Brother, as she declined to participate in the reality series. According to Times, the 39-year old had been approached with many British TV projects after her controversial stint on Dancing with the Stars but refused in nearly all invitations.

"It is true that Heather has been approached by the producers of several reality TV shows, but she has declined on every occasion and will not be appearing on any such program. She took part in Dancing with the Stars to raise money for one of the charities she supports, but it was a one-off and there are no plans to do any others in the future," said Mills’ spokesman.

Because of the hype over her “alleged” participation on Celebrity Big Brother, she was compelled to release a statement to clarify her non-participation on the show. "People have been wishing her luck on Celebrity Big Brother when she is out shopping or playing with her daughter and she feels it unfair the public have been misled. It has also led to an increase in attention from paparazzi photographers around her home. Heather is hoping this will end the speculation," said her spokesman.

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