Dancing with the Stars Winner Revealed: Emmitt Smith Crowned Champion
That was unexpected. No one, and I mean no one, expected Emmitt Smith to come close to winning Dancing with the Stars, let alone become the champion. It is an astonishing run from a man who's knees and bones must be creaky after years of playing Running Back in the NFL. Heck, he's the NFL's all-time leading rusher. Who knew he had anything left in the tank? But, alas, we must give it up for poor Mario Lopez who looked as if he had his heart set on winning this thing. What does Mario have now? A fledgling acting and hosting career, that's what. For Emmitt, this is just a cherry on top of an already historic career, and he can ride off into the sunset, totally satiated. Not Mario.
It's fairly tough on a career to peak on your first gig, which Mario did with Saved By the Bell. That's why I thought that Mario would win, for sure. He needed it. He deserved it. It felt right. But, it was not to be and America ended up choosing Emmitt. Here's the thing: I like Emmitt. I've been rooting for him since week one. However, I know that Mario deserved to win. He was better. He was more consistent. His dances were much more difficult. Does America only care about voting for who they like, or can they not tell who is better at dancing? Obviously, there's a little bit of both going on, but I get the feeling that Emmitt's win was a direct result of his immense likability. Mario, unfortunately, didn't feel genuine. He was a little fake. Regardless, congratulations to Emmitt Smith for his exquisite and unexpected victory with partner Cheryl Burke. Emmitt's now a Super Bowl MVP and a Dancing with the Stars champion. That's never been done before. We'll be back tomorrow with a look at the entire season. -Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer (Photo courtesy of RealityTV Magazine)