'Dancing with the Stars': What Have You Got Against Pam Anderson, America?
'Dancing with the Stars': What Have You Got Against Pam Anderson, America?
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
For the second time in four total Dancing with the Stars eliminations so far, buxom bombshell Pamela Anderson and her sexy Aussie dancemate Damian Whitewood ended up in the bottom two last night. After finding out they were up against the seemingly immortal Kate Gosselin, Pam 'n' Dam were then subjected to the red light of death as they awaited their fate--and then, at the final moment, thankfully, were saved.

And I have just one question for you, the Dancing with the Stars voting public: what GIVES, America?
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Pam embodies everything that Dancing with the Stars stands for. She had zero dance experience coming in, but through hard work, a doting teacher and diligent attention to detail, she has performed five of the most memorable routines of the season to date, consistently earning 7's and 8's (and bucket-loads of praise) from the judges as she continues to refine her ballroom style.

Plus, she's an actual star. And it shows: Pam knows now to work the stage. She demands your attention like a magnet, and never leaves you sorry for having spent your time watching. She may not have the practiced precision of Evan Lysacek or the well-trained elegance of Nicole Scherzinger, but Pam has a natural presence, charisma and ability to transform into a character that consistently make her performances the most engaging and enjoyable of every evening.

Have you been holding some sort of jealous grudge against C.J. Parker since the early 90s, America? Is there something about her sexy gaze and come-hither smile that makes you unwilling to hitch your wagon to this star? Because I beg you to reconsider. Pam can dance--and she can also surprise you.

This is your second warning, America. Stop punishing poor Pam 'n' Dam, because she's one of the only consistently exciting, consistently maturing stars you've got left--and if you send her home before the lesser performers, the only ones you'll be punishing are yourselves.

For future reference: The phone number to call to vote for Pamela and Damian after Monday's performance show is 1-800-868-3411.

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