'DWTS' Week 3: D.L. Hughley's Unlikeable Video Could Send Him Home Next Week
'DWTS' Week 3: D.L. Hughley's Unlikeable Video Could Send Him Home Next Week
Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
On Tuesday night's results show we get to see who was voted Prom King and Queen and who was left sitting at home. Who goes home with the girl and who gets rejected?

There was a bit of tension revealed between a contestant and judges on the show Tuesday night amidst all the singing and dancing. We also got to see one of the judges get out on the dance floor for a surprise performance, which I must say ended up being more entertaining than Demi Lovato or Huey Lewis and the News' performances. All in all, "Prom Night" turned out to be an interesting couple of shows for week 16 of Dancing with the Stars. Keep up with all the results by downloading the BuddyTV guide app for your phone now.

Prom King and Queen

Fans voted via Twitter and they have spoken. Jacoby Jones and Zendaya are the "Prom Night" King and Queen. This means they get two extra points and of course we find out they are safe, because they also happen to be two of the strongest celebrity dancers on the show.

Maybe more importantly, we get an idea of who the fan favorites are. You can mark Zendaya and Jacoby down as near locks to make it to the final few weeks. For now, they just get to sit in big comfy chairs and wear their crowns.

No Laughing Matter for D.L. Hughley

I am a bit surprised and disappointed with D.L. Hughley and I'm not talking about his case of "hip replacement" dancing as Bruno said Monday night. I am a terrible dancer, but I realize it and expect mocking and criticism. Apparently Hughley was not happy with the criticism he received from the judges.

The comedian, key word being comedian, said in a video revealed on Tuesday night's show he is not a clown. I couldn't disagree more with Hughley. The guy signed up for Dancing with the Stars, if you want to be treated with respect than a reality dancing show may not be the best forum. It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

In the behind-the-scenes video Hughley looked upset explaining that "he" took it too far (not sure if he is talking about Len or Bruno). Hughley said if he got a microphone back it would be okay. I personally love comedy, but one thing I can't stand is when comedians get too sensitive. It comes off hypocritical and this screams hypocrite to me.

In an ironic twist, it may not be Hughley's terrible dancing that gets him voted off the show, but rather this unlikeable video. Could we see the effects of this on next week's results show? Look at me already making predictions for next week.

Good for Len, who was given the opportunity to defend the judges, for not backing down and telling Hughley he actually went easy on him Monday night. At least for this week; however, D.L. Hughley is safe.

Bruno Gets on the Dance Floor

I actually was questioning whether the judges ever actually danced themselves. Good for Bruno, getting out on the dance floor, joining Sean Lowe and Peta Murgatroyd for the "Y.M.C.A." It would be a lot more entertaining watching Len Goodman try to dance though.

What the producers really should do is give D.L. Hughley what he wants and let him judge a Len Goodman dance performance. Wow, that is a terrific idea. I really should be producing Dancing with the Stars.

Elimination Time

To remind everyone, my prediction was Wynonna Judd would be sent home. Lisa Vanderpump, Andy Dick, and Wynonna were on stage as the final three contestants to be given their voting results. Lisa Vanderpump was told she was safe, leaving Andy Dick and Wynonna Judd as the bottom two vote getters.

The next star eliminated from Dancing with the Stars is country music singer Wynonna Judd. The fans and judges got this one right as Judd clearly was not a very good dancer and it was only a matter of time before she got voted off. That makes me 1-0-1 on season 16 of Dancing with the Stars predictions. Yes, I'm counting week one as a tie, since Dorothy Hamill screwed up my prediction.

Tune in Monday April 8 at 8pm on ABC as Dancing with the Stars celebrates the best years of the stars lives with their dancing performances.

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