'Dancing with the Stars' Week 9: Elimination Predictions
'Dancing with the Stars' Week 9: Elimination Predictions
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Only one more elimination before the finals, and it's harder than ever to predict who it will be. Will Jennifer's perfect night be her last? Can Brandy's run at the top end tonight? Is there such a thing as too much Kyle? Should we expect Bristol's voters to desert her?

At this point, everyone is in danger. Each dancer has a host of strengths, but each has a weakness as well. The elimination will depend on whichever weakness happens to matter the most.

And we still have the finals to come! Yikes. Predictions may just be useless at that point. However, they must still occur. So here we go with the totally-not-going-to-be-right predictions for week 9 of Dancing with the Stars!

Most likely to leave:
Bristol Palin (scores = 27, 26)
She had the lowest scores of the night -- again. Few could argue that Bristol is a dancer of the same caliber as the others in the semi-finals, but she does have that strong voting contingent keeping her safe from week to week. Bristol has another disadvantage in that her semi-final dances were not flashy. She wore a similar black dress for both the paso doble and the waltz, and neither dance style is a rousing crowd pleaser. Still, there are those voters...

Brandy (scores = 27, 30)
Brandy did great for the semi-finals, getting her first perfect score of the season. But, as we have seen, high scores are not enough to keep you going on Dancing with the Stars. Not that there is any way of testing this, but Brandy seems to have weaker fan support than some of the others. That could be a devastating blow in this week of close scores, and Brandy's failure to "wow" (in comparison to Kyle or Jennifer) may do her in.

Most deserving of elimination:
Bristol Palin
She is by far the lowest-ranked in scoring. She had one of her best dancing nights, and still she ranked the lowest of the semi-finalists. It's long past time for her to go. But she probably won't.

Should be worried:
Kyle Massey (scores = 29, 29)
Kyle's voter support is always in question, with no set fan base before the show started. But he put on incredible performances in the semi-finals and earned his highest scores of the season. Everyone just likes watching Kyle, and he has earned his place in the finals. Still, his position as the only male may hurt him with voters looking for an all-female finale.

Jennifer Grey (scores = 30, 30)
If a dancer who achieves not one but two perfect scores doesn't make it to the semi-finals, then you know something's wrong. But I'm sure Audrina, Rick and Kurt thought something was wrong too. Jennifer should be in the finals, but the whims of the voters are ever a mystery.

Probably safe...  For now:
That would be nobody.

Who do you think is going to the finals? Which dancers are your favorites? And who will be going home? Let us know in the comments section!

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