'Dancing with the Stars' Week 8: Sean Lowe Gets Picked...To Go Home
'Dancing with the Stars' Week 8: Sean Lowe Gets Picked...To Go Home
Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Another week and another predictable result on Dancing with the Stars season 16. The obvious talent gap on this season is really hurting the show. The Bachelor star Sean Lowe was eliminated Tuesday night after struggling Monday night on the dance floor.

The only question going into Tuesday night's results show was whether Lowe or Ingo Rademacher would go home. Well, the worse dancer was eliminated. Yes, this is fair, but it's not that exciting.

Lowe's time was up and it was obvious to everyone, including Lowe himself. There was some question whether his reality show fame would garner him enough votes from fans to outlast Ingo this week. In the end, Sean just couldn't make up for a lack of dance moves. The Bachelor star had his moments, but in the end, it was obvious he no longer could hang with the remaining stars.

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At this point, I hope this trend continues, because I want to see the top three contestants face off at the end of this season. With just two more weeks left, I'm really hoping producers just eliminate two dancers next week. As much as I love Jacoby Jones, he is a step behind Kellie Pickler, Zendaya, and Aly Raisman. I'm not including Ingo, because I'm just assuming he will be the next one eliminated regardless.

As for Sean, what can I say, he gave it his all. Sean wasn't spectacular, but he didn't embarrass himself like say D.L. Hughley. At the beginning of the season it looked as though Sean's natural athleticism could make him a contender, but he failed to improve. The difference this week was that Ingo improved and Sean just continued to stall.

The judges and America made the right decision in voting off Sean. It was an elimination seen miles away. Now maybe Sean Lowe can continue his reality show career by starring in some insane Bravo show following him and his new bride, Catherine Giudici.

The time has passed for surprise eliminations. Let's see Kellie, Zendaya, and Aly compete against each other in the final week and have a nail biting season finale May 21. There were really only ever three stars that had a chance of winning this season. Why not save everyone some time and cut to the final three. There are only two more weeks of Dancing with the Stars and the time has come to build up some real suspense.

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