'Dancing with the Stars' Week 8 Prediction: Bye Bye Bachelor
'Dancing with the Stars' Week 8 Prediction: Bye Bye Bachelor
Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
On Dancing with the Stars' Monday night's trio show, everything remained status quo. The top three dancers Kellie Pickler, Zendaya, and Aly Raisman continued their dominance while Ingo Rademacher and Sean Lowe seemed to be dancing against each other to see who will remain in the competition.

Going into tonight's results show, the fans will get a chance to decide who goes home. Barring a huge shocker, this will come down to Sean Lowe and Ingo. Will the better dancer (Ingo) move on or will the fan favorite (Sean) make it through to the next round?

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I know I sound like a broken record, but the problem with season 16 of Dancing with the Stars is the lack of surprise and drama. The best dancers continue to dominate and the worst dancers continue to stink. Now that the lower caliber dancers are gone, Ingo and Sean are left dancing it out to see who will remain in the competition for one more week.

Going into Monday night, I would have thought Ingo was in the most trouble. Over the last couple weeks, Ingo seemed to take a step back, even finding himself in the bottom two a couple weeks ago.

Monday night, Ingo jumped ahead of Sean. Ingo scored two 24s, while Sean received two 21s from the judges. If anyone just started watching Monday night, it would seem as though Sean was the worst dancer left on the show. I still think Ingo and Sean are neck and neck overall, but let's be honest; Sean had one of his worst nights at a terrible time.

There is still a part of me that thinks Sean has a much larger fan base than Ingo and there is a chance they will give Sean the edge. However, so far this season on Dancing with the Stars, America seems to be voting off the worst dancers and Sean looked like the worst dancer on Monday night.

I predict Sean Lowe will be sent packing Tuesday night. However, I don't think it will matter much, because whoever isn't voted off this week will likely be the next to go week nine. Download the BuddyTV Guide app for your phone and make sure you tune in Tuesday night at 9pm to find out who is eliminated next.

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