'Dancing with the Stars' Week 8 Preview: Dance Night is Trio Night
'Dancing with the Stars' Week 8 Preview: Dance Night is Trio Night
Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor
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We move into week eight of Dancing with the Stars season 16, and with Andy Dick's demise last week, the last of the terrible dancers has been eliminated. Every one of the remaining six stars are at least sound performers in the ballroom.

It would seem that Ingo Rademacher and Sean Lowe are next on the chopping block, as they are a step behind Jacoby Jones and a step-and-a-half behind Kellie Pickler, Zendaya and Alexandra Raisman. However, picking who will be sent packing is going to be more difficult going forward with no obvious slouches left.

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Three is Better Than Two

In week eight, the remaining pairs will do one solo dance and one dance with a third pro dancer. I appreciate that the show tries to change it up each week, but I don't like the idea of adding a third dancer. If anything, why not have the pairs choose one of the terrible stars who have already been eliminated to make a trio. Seems like more fun to me.

In the trio dances, a second pro dancer will be added to the celebrity/pro dance pair. Sean and Peta Murgatroyd have Andy's pro partner, Sharna Burgess, joining their trio while dancing to Jazz. Ingo and Kym Johnson will be joined by Victor Ortiz's old partner, Lindsay Arnold, while dancing to the Jive.

Jacoby and Karina Smirnoff will dance the Paso Doble with Cheryl Burke. Aly and Mark Ballas will perform the Jive with Henry Byalikov. Zendaya will have Gleb Savchenko joining her and Val Chmerkovskiy while doing the Salsa. The front-runner this season, Kellie, will dance alongside her partner, Derek Hough, and perform the Paso Doble with a third person. However, Derek has not yet revealed who their partner will be. Once again, why not bring back Wynonna Judd as their third partner and make things more interesting?

Surprise, Surprise

The big disappointment so far this season on Dancing with the Stars has been the lack of drama. Sure, producers try their best to build up drama, but so far there have been no big surprises during the elimination shows. You can call Dorothy Hamill bowing out a bit of a surprise, but after that, the stars have fallen one-by-one just as predicted (by people better at predicting this stuff, not me).

There still is room for a surprise or two if, say, Kellie, Zendaya or Aly were to be eliminated in the next week or two. However, I fear that everything will continue to fall in line with either Ingo or Sean being eliminated tomorrow. Maybe Jacoby will be in danger this week if he doesn't perform well, but besides that, I don't see any major surprises in week eight.

And the Winner Is...

Going into this week, all eyes will be on Kellie, Zendaya and Aly. They are the top three dancers by far, and as long as there are no surprises, they will be the final three stars. So far, neither of the three has been able to pull away from the pack as the clear-cut best.

We might as well start preparing for the finals and watch these three tonight to see if there is any movement atop the leader board. As far as the judges scoring goes on each star's individual dances: Kellie is averaging a 26.1 with a high score of 29 (twice), Zendaya is averaging a 26.4 with a high score of 29 (twice), and Aly is averaging a 25.1 with a high score of 29. The point is, these three are neck and neck and neck going into the final half of the season. We all know they will be in the final three, so we might as well start watching them closely with tonight's trio night at 8pm on ABC.

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