'Dancing with the Stars' Week 8 Predictions: Who Will Be the Double Elimination Victims?
'Dancing with the Stars' Week 8 Predictions: Who Will Be the Double Elimination Victims?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
How can we possibly know who will go home in Dancing with the Stars week 8? With two eliminations coming tonight, there is double the chance of a shocker. Double the chance of being wrong. Basically, there is little chance of getting it right.

But why not try? Keep reading for our Dancing with the Stars week 8 elimination predictions!

Most Likely to Be Eliminated

Roshon Fegan (score = 56)

So what if he got the second-highest score of the night? Roshon has been in the bottom two before when that happened. He is likely to be there again tonight. The Disney kid does not have the voter support, and little would have changed. He can only be saved now by voters who choose solely on dance ability.

Melissa Gilbert (score = 53)
Not that scores matter much in such a close night, but Melissa has the lowest score. She has had the lowest scores for weeks now. Even frighteningly devoted fans have to give up at some point, right?

Most Likely to Mess with These Predictions

Katherine Jenkins (score = 55)
Katherine did pretty well tonight, but she isn't on top like she was. With much less fame than her competitors, we really do not know what kind of voter support Katherine has. Could it be enough to send the dance leader home?

Maria Menounos (score = 53)
Maria has been on a high recently, but the judges did not like her dances (especially that Bollywood samba) this week. Of course, this was the fault of the choreography, which many fans would realize. Will they support Maria though? Hard to say...

Donald Driver (score = 56)
With the second-highest scores of Dancing with the Stars week 8, Donald is likely to be quite safe. But you never know. His first dance (also the deadly first dance of the night) lacked character, and we do not know what kind of support the man will get. But he will probably be fine.

Elimination Is Just Not Going to Happen

William Levy (score = 57)
You know he is not going home. His scores were the best of the night, and the screamers would never let it happen. Not this week anyway.

Who do you think will go home? Which star might be a surprise elimination in Dancing with the Stars week 8? Who do you want to see in the semi-finals? Vote in our poll and leave your comments below!

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