'Dancing with the Stars' Week 7: Why Andy Dick Fell Short
'Dancing with the Stars' Week 7: Why Andy Dick Fell Short
Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
There was no question going into week seven that Andy Dick was in serious trouble. The writing was on the wall with D.L. Hughley, Wynonna Judd, Lisa Vanderpump, and Victor Ortiz all being sent home in previous weeks. Andy was the worst dancer left.

So far on Dancing with the Stars season 16, there have been no real big surprises with all the worst dancers being sent home first. The wide talent gap between the top dancers and worst dancers has never been more evident in Dancing with the Stars history. Who would have figured that on a dancing reality show, people would vote off the worst dancers?


To be honest, Andy probably would have went home earlier if it weren't for his ability to entertain the crowd during his dance routines. One thing Andy has done during his run on the show is improve his image. Andy was known for making headlines for being a sloppy, rude drunk. Well, he successfully showed a different side during his short run on Dancing with the Stars

The Low Scores 

You can probably consider Andy one of the fan favorites. He unfortunately just got such low scores week after week, that he couldn't overcome the talent gap. On the next rung of talent is Ingo Rademacher and Sean Lowe, who now are both on the clock. I thought there was a chance Ingo could have went home Tuesday night, but he probably saved himself by defeating Sean in their dance off Monday night.

An Extended Stay

Whether you like or dislike Andy you have to give him credit for trying. He is a terrible dancer, but he never complained, and always took the shots from judges like a champ. The same can't be said for a certain other comedian eliminated from the show. Andy likely extended his stay by using his comedic skills to make the crowd laugh. Andy should be an example for future comedians who come on the show. Especially considering it's obvious that comedians just can't dance. Note to all future funny men and women thinking of going on Dancing with the Stars, entertain the crowd and don't try to impress the them with your athleticism (or lack thereof).

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