'Dancing with the Stars' Week 7 Prediction: Andy Dick Can't Keep Up
'Dancing with the Stars' Week 7 Prediction: Andy Dick Can't Keep Up
Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Heading into the week seven results show, we are presented with the most difficult prediction yet. Of course, this isn't saying much since the talent discrepancy is very glaring on Dancing with the Stars season 16.

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This season there are the clear cut best dancers like Kellie Pickler, Zendaya, Aly Raisman, and even Jacoby Jones. Then there are the terrible dancers like D.L. Hughley, Wynonna Judd, and Lisa Vanderpump. The lone remaining terrible dancer is Andy Dick. However, Tuesday night may provide the first surprise of the season.

A Case for Andy

The obvious answer to go home is Andy. He has the lowest scores by far this season and clearly is the worst dancer. Monday night's "Latin Night" didn't change that perception. Andy scored just a 17 from the judges and then lost his dance off against Aly. However, America gets to vote and that could prove to be the game changer.

Andy has a big personality and has come across as a very likeable underdog this season. He also has put forth the effort to try and get better, even though he really hasn't. The other aspect Andy has going for him is his ability to put on entertaining performances. The difference between him and the other terrible dancers is Andy is still entertaining the crowd.

A Case for Ingo and Sean

So who would go home if America can save Andy? My guess would be Ingo Rademacher. He is likeable, but he just doesn't have the big personality like some of the other dancers and he has stumbled the last couple weeks. He and Sean Lowe are in a tier below the top dancers making them vulnerable. I was going to vote for Ingo to go home because he was in the bottom two recently and he never really does anything to stand out from the rest of the dancers. I also just don't think he will get as many votes from America as Andy or Sean.

The Final Prediction

I think Ingo and Sean facing off against each other Monday night will put some extra drama into Tuesday night's results show. They are both in that same tier of talent and it's a close competition. However, the judges put a serious wrench in my prediction when they voted Ingo as the winner, giving him three extra bonus points. I feel like Sean could be vulnerable now, but he also probably has a pretty big fan following. Unfortunately, by Ingo winning that dance off, I think it will save him from elimination for another week and end up dooming Andy. Andy is one of my favorites on the show so it hurts me to predict that he will be voted off Tuesday night on Dancing with the Stars.

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