'Dancing with the Stars' Week 6 Predictions: Who Will Go Home?
'Dancing with the Stars' Week 6 Predictions: Who Will Go Home?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Dancing with the Stars had its biggest shock of the season last week when Christina Milian and Mark Ballas were eliminated despite being at the top of the leaderboard. It proved that no one is safe and the viewer votes are more important than ever.

However, week 6 could make the judges' scores more important with the addition of the Switch-Up Challenge. Aside from their individual dances, the eight remaining couples will participate in a dance marathon where they will be given extra points based on how long they last before the judges tap them out. It will be divided into two rounds, with the dance style and music kept a secret until it's time to go.

That should give an added boost to the best dancers (Corbin Bleu, Elizabeth Berkley) and penalize the ones at the bottom (Bill Engvall, Jack Osbourne). So with that in mind, here are my picks for the three couples in danger this week.

Jack Osbourne and Cheryl Burke

Despite scoring their first 9s of the season last week, I still think Jack has the best chance of getting a low score and he will almost certainly be the first or second one eliminated from the Switch-Up Challenge. Based on viewer votes, I think performing early last week (he was second) and doing a fairly forgettable Waltz will hurt.

Leah Remini and Tony Dovolani

She had the lowest score last week and could easily repeat that ranking in week 6, aside from being among the first eliminations during the Switch-Up Challenge. Her routine was memorable last week (the puppet master), but I'm not sure it will inspire people to vote for her. Also, her constant complaining about other dancers having more experience (mostly Corbin) is getting exhausting.

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and Sasha Farber

I still have my doubts that these two have a lot of fan support. They also have seesawing scores, going higher and lower in alternate weeks (23, 20, 25, 24, 27). With a new partner who no one seems to like, uneven performances and a confusing tribute to motherhood in the form of Britney Spears' "Work Bitch," she could finally be going home.

My Prediction

I think Jack Osbourne and Cheryl Burke will be eliminated. They're who I predicted last week (though I did mention the outside chance of a Christina Milian shocker), and I'm sticking with them. It's mostly based on how I think the viewers will vote, since last week proved that matters a lot more than scores. An early performance of a Waltz seems like a killer in terms of getting the fans excited to vote.

Also, you'll notice Bill Engvall isn't even on my list despite the fact that he has the lowest average score of the eight remaining couples and will most likely be near the bottom of the leaderboard once again. That's because I think he's getting all of the support from people who love underdogs, and he has his blue collar fans. I assume most of the people who vote are women of a certain age, and his Viennese Waltz dedicated to his wife of 30 years is the kind of heartfelt move that will get extra votes. Bill has done what Christina never could, and that's make an emotional connection with the audience.

The sixth week of Dancing with the Stars, airing Monday at 8pm, will also feature an opening number choreographed by Lacey and Benji Schwimmer, plus a performance by Mika and Ariana Grande of their new song "Popular" (which makes me happy as I love Wicked, "Grace Kelly" and Cat Valentine).

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