'Dancing with the Stars' Week 6 Predictions: Who Will Be Eliminated?
'Dancing with the Stars' Week 6 Predictions: Who Will Be Eliminated?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
There was something kind of awesome about Motown Week on Dancing with the Stars. It might have just been the presence of a whole bunch of Motown legends, but the dancing was pretty good too. And then there was the (possibly unintentionally) amusing Motown Marathon...

But the fun has to end for one couple with the Dancing with the Stars week 6 elimination. Who will it be?

Most Likely to Be in the Dance Duel

Gladys Knight (score = 24 [21 + 3])
It was a fun performance, and you can't not love a Motown star in Motown Week. But Gladys also had the lowest scores of the night and was out-danced by everyone.

Roshon Fegan (score = 28 [23 + 5])
Roshon didn't make "sensual" work, and the judges were not impressed. Considering that he has been on the bottom even with high scores, these numbers do not bode well for Roshon.

Should Be Eliminated

Gladys Knight

I hate to say it, considering that it was Motown Week and all, but this is probably the end of the road for Gladys. Her dances are a lot of fun to watch, and she's been impressive. But the performance level of Dancing with the Stars season 14 is now above what she has given.

Should Be Worried

Maria Menounos (score = 30 [26 + 4])

Maria will probably be OK -- her dance was great and her scores were respectable. But she did dance early in the show, and this is the time of the season when we can expect a few upsets.

Melissa Gilbert (score = 30 [24 + 6])
She obviously has a strong fan base, and Melissa's excellent Motown performance should help keep her safe. Still, how long can a dancer stay near the bottom before it gets dangerous?

Probably Safe... For Now

Katherine Jenkins (score = 39 [29 + 10])
With her second near-perfect score in two weeks and a win in the Motown Marathon, Katherine has the points to beat any low-vote totals. And there's no reason to think she isn't getting the votes at this point.

William Levy (score = 36 [27 + 9])
Even if Bruno's 10 was a bit hyperbolic, William gave a great performance. Sex sells, after all. The extra 9 points from the Marathon don't hurt either.

Donald Driver (score = 34 [27 + 7])
The judges just want more from the football player, and Donald's scores are plenty high enough for another chance to bring more. He'll be back.

Jaleel White (score = 37 [29 + 8])
Even if Jaleel has ended up in the bottom before, scores like this should keep the man very, very safe.

Who do you think should be in the Dance Duel? Who will be eliminated? Vote in our poll and leave your comments below!

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