'Dancing with the Stars' Week 6 Results: No Pleasure in Elimination
'Dancing with the Stars' Week 6 Results: No Pleasure in Elimination
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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All good things must come to an end. This holds true for Guilty Pleasures Week, possibly the greatest theme week in the history of Dancing with the Stars. Not only must we bid adieu to the cheesy pop songs we all secretly love, but one pair must leave the dance floor for good.

Oh well.

Who did you pick for elimination?
If we all pick Kendra often enough, will it happen? Eventually? Probably. This week? Well ... maybe? But I'm not going to count on it.

According to the uber-scientific (but not really) BuddyTV Readers' Poll, Kendra and Louis are the most likely to be eliminated, with 42% of the votes. Chris and Cheryl aren't too far behind though, having received 35% of the elimination votes. A sizable group also picked the fallen Ralph and Karina (20%), while a very small minority picked Hines and Kym for some reason.

Will we be right? Not if history repeats itself...

Did you miss anything?
This week, missing anything at all is honestly tragic. From Hanson rocking the commercial breaks to Kendra stripper-dancing up a storm to Karina's tumble, you really should not have missed this week's performances.

If you did, however, we can help. No, BuddyTV cannot bring Hanson into your home, but we do have the Week 6 Recap and Performance Rankings. Neither the guilt nor the pleasure matches the original, but we try.

Is your guilty pleasure laziness? That's fair. And that's why we'll just give you the rankings right now. Nice, huh?

  • Romeo and Chelsie: 28 points
  • Chelsea and Mark: 28 points
  • Hines and Kym: 27 points
  • Kirstie and Maks: 26 points
  • Kendra and Louis: 25 points
  • Ralph and Karina: 24 points
  • Chris and Cheryl: 22 points
The overall race remains close, with Hines and Kym holding onto the overall lead. Kendra and Louis have moved up a little with this week's samba, but they're still at the back of the overall pack.

What will all this mean for the Results Show? No clue. So let's just find out with...

The live Results Show!
Sort of, anyway. We've actually got a full hour of "The Road to the Finals" first. Probably there won't be too much to recap, other than some enjoyment of Hanson performances and random star sightings.

That's OK though.

My video feed was interrupted by tornado reports, but now I'm watching ... detailed commentary on the dance technique? That's what they gave us an extra hour for? There had just better be a lot of Hanson coming.

Chris Jericho does a good Len impression.

Ooh! Music! The cast of "Rock of Ages" is performing.

Sorry there hasn't been more recap yet. That's because there hasn't been more show. Dance critiques, Chris' Len impression, "Rock of Ages." That's it. But we're only a few minutes away from results! Yay!

Tom is very excited about the boy bands. Apparently, Tom was a screaming tween girl back in the day. Not that we're going to see the bands perform any time soon. That has to wait for the second hour. And we're not quite there yet.

NKOTB/BSB (or is it BSB/NKOTB?) performing! Oh, I was right. Nine singers seems like a lot for one song. But who am I to argue with the aging-boy-band hit machine? Catchy though.

OMG! Time for RESULTS!

It's the top two couples right at the beginning: Chelsea and Mark, Romeo and Chelsie. So...

Chelsie had to pee right before her dance. I am aware that this isn't a result. But I couldn't let that pass. And then Romeo started stripping during his post-scores interview.

RomeoChelsie6.jpgOK, results now!

Romeo and Chelsie are SAFE!

ChelseaMark.jpgChelsea and Mark are also SAFE!

No full-on upsets tonight!

And we're getting the Kendra-Louis samba as a repeat-dance tonight. Len is certainly not doing much to hide any dirty-old-man tendencies this season...

More results already? Cool! But I bet it won't be until after another commercial. Anyway, whenever the RESULTS actually happen, it'll be for Hines and Kym, Kirstie and Maks.

HinesKym6.jpgHines and Kym are SAFE!

Kirstie and Maks are also SAFE!

KirstieMaks6.jpgWhich pretty much takes away any need for another results session before the end of the show. Time for the never-ending musical acts!

Meanwhile, the Dancing with the Stars Troupe babbles a bit about the joys of being on the show. I love that they have their own Snooki.

Time for a Macy's Stars of Dance thing too. Somehow, this is a Royal Wedding-inspired thing. Since it involves '50s-era costumes and little kids in a fake park, I don't really get the connection. Oh, we've moved to a wedding now. This one involves adults and crazy acrobatics. I doubt such things will be at the Royal Wedding (The acrobatics I mean. There should be adults in London.). Hey, it's old people dancing now! This was supposed to be a life story? OK. I just hope that the dancers don't die at the end.

And the guy dancer may have died. Can we say depressing?

Continuing in the "depressing" theme, we get to hear about how depressed the stars will be if they're eliminated. Yay?

Now they're getting violent. I'm getting a little bit concerned that whoever gets eliminated will take out the rest.

Time for the NKOTB/BSB insanity! This time, they're doing songs we actually know: "I Want It That Way" and "Step by Step." I will now confine my tween shrieks to vocalizations and will not translate them onto the screen. No one needs to read that.

Time now for the most tabloid-friendly of DWTS performances. Ever. In the history of the universe. Pia Toscano is singing! And Mark Ballas is dancing (with poor, neglected Karina)! At least Pia is a legitimately good singer and not some girl that they let on the show because she's dating Mark.

Good song too.

Time to pretend that it's time for RESULTS!

Of course, we are at the final results period, so nothing is going to happen until the last possible second.

Awwww... Ralph is the sweetest guy ever, isn't he. I hope he and Karina don't get eliminated, if for no other reason than Karina will never, ever forgive herself.

KendraLouis6.jpgAnd... Kendra and Louis are SAFE!

I suppose I should be shocked. But I'm not anymore. It seems there really are that many viewers out there who like the well-endowed ladies.

RalphKarina6.jpgRalph and Karina are SAFE!

Which means Chris and Cheryl have been eliminated!

ChrisCheryl6.jpgWay to be super-gracious and smiling, Chris. You don't expect wrestlers to be gentlemen, but he's totally pulling it off. Although he needs to stop making me love him more right before he disappears from the stage. Stupid results...

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Were the results what you expected? Should Chris have been the celebrity to go home? Did you want someone else to go? Share your theories and opinions in the comments section!

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