'Dancing with the Stars' Week 6 Live Results: Someone Has Danced Their Last
'Dancing with the Stars' Week 6 Live Results: Someone Has Danced Their Last
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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Only seven pairs remain going into tonight's Dancing with the Stars: The Results Show, and one of those pairs will not make it any further. However much we may want to keep them all around, someone always has to leave. Kind of sad, isn't it?

Oh well. We'll pull through somehow. The key is to just take it one result at a time. Or something like that.

Who do you expect to leave?
BuddyTV readers are a savvy lot who almost always guess right when it comes to the eliminated star of the week. Except that sometimes we're all wrong. Will this be another week like that? Hopefully not, since that's just awkward.

Who did you predict to go? It looks like Kurt Warner is the most likely star to take his final bow tonight, receiving 71 percent of the BuddyTV vote. A sizeable minority chose Bristol Palin as the likely loser as well, giving her 22 percent of the elimination vote.

Will we be right? Only time and The Results Show can tell.

Did you miss anything?
That would be bad. Fortunately, you can fix the problem easily by checking out our recap of the DWTS week 6 performance show. You can get all the highlights and the lowlights you need!

The show was, in brief, interesting. Rock music is not the most obvious match for ballroom dancing, and the marriage of the two occasionally led to unusual results. The costumes were certainly incredible! As were some of the facial expressions (or lack thereof, Audrina and Bristol...).

The dances weren't the best we've seen, although there were some good performances. Brandy and Maks did an excellent job with their dance, garnering the highest score of the evening. Kyle, Bristol and Rick also received solid scores, showing improvement over last week. On the other hand, Kurt fell to the bottom for the first time, and Jennifer only managed slightly better. It's entirely possible that Jennifer's fall derived from disappointment in her lack of perfection, but it still wasn't good.

Tired of waiting for the results? Take the Dancing with the Stars personality quiz to fill the time.

OK, it's time for the Results Show now. Here we go!

The live Results Show!

And we're starting with RESULTS! Awesome.

Starting with the three lowest scoring couples this time, so at least one of Jennifer, Bristol and Kurt is going to be resting easy soon. Whoever is left, I am very worried for them.

Is it OK to say that on TV Jennifer? Apparently, since they would've had time to beep out her "dammit."
Kurt and Anna are safe!!!

Seriously? Seriously??? Who is in trouble?
Bristol and Mark are safe!!!


Time to watch Bristol and Mark dance again. Not entirely sure why, since it wasn't that good. Better, yes, but not so great...

Back from commercials now. And Heart is performing. They're seriously still around? I did not know that. Apparently I am just ignorant of such things. Hey, did you know that two members (I can't remember which ones) of Heart went to my high school? Probably not. And if you did, I'm scared.

Anyway, fun dancing!

Looks like the middle dancers are going to get their RESULTS! after the commercials...

Kyle and Lacey and Rick and Cheryl on the chopping block. I will be honestly sad if either of these couples have to go this week. Kind of love them both!
Rick and Cheryl are SAFE!!!

Kyle and Lacey? Not so much. Argh!!!!!!

A bunch of rock stars giving advice to ballroom dancers? Why not? Insanity definitely has its place here.

Anyway, it's time for some show choir and dancing. I guess Glee has invaded Dancing with the Stars tonight. Not the best acoustics for a show choir in the theater, methinks. Although the teenagers singing "We Will Rock You" in an auditorium setting is giving me major flashbacks to middle school pep assemblies.

Time for Kylie Minogue to sing in way more chairs than one would expect in a pile. Hey, half-naked men! They're vogue-ing. Is that back now?

That was weird.

Backstage with the leaders. Audrina is whining. Not a good choice, Audrina. Brandy and Maks are pretty. Will we get RESULTS! before the commercials? Probably not, but we can hope.

Nope. Commercials!

200th episode next week. And Rod Stewart performing... My volume may be turned down for that part... (Sorry, music bias showing now.)
Time for an interview with Kristy Yamaguchi. And now RESULTS????? Nope. More reflection on the competition. Oh for Pete's sake.

Brandy and Maks are SAFE!!!

Leaving Audrina and Tony in jeopardy. Could there be an upset? I mean, obviously there's going to be a bit of an upset, considering who's left. But how much of an upset???

Week6-Kyle1.jpgTime for the last of the RESULTS!

Kyle and Lacey are SAFE!!!

We have to listen to some judges' comments before we get to hear the final results. The judges are not happy. They kind of look like they want to cry. Len might actually go punch out the voters. "There is no justice!" No Len. No justice. Sigh...Week6-Jennifer3.jpg

Jennifer and Derek are SAFE!!!

Which means Audrina and Tony have been eliminated! Wow. I guess we were due for an upset!

But darn it, no temper tantrum! I was so hoping for that Audrina. Oh well, way to be classy on your way out!

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