'Dancing with the Stars' Week 6 Preview: Rock Week and a Dance Marathon
'Dancing with the Stars' Week 6 Preview: Rock Week and a Dance Marathon
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
As we go into week 6 of this season's Dancing with the Stars competition, the seven remaining couples face more than just each other. Each couple will, for the first time tonight, perform more than one dance as they fight to stay in the running for the Mirror Ball.

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In addition to their main dance (look for tangos and paso dobles this week), each of the remaining couples will need to participate in a mini-dance marathon during tonight's performance show.

The pairs will each have a one-minute routine, using any style they choose. During the marathon, all of the dancers will perform simultaneously on the dance floor, repeating their routines for as long as they can. The judges will periodically eliminate couples, based on evidence of tiring or mistakes. The last couple remaining at the end of the four-minute marathon will receive 10 points added to their overall score for the night.

The marathon requires both endurance and precision, which could tilt the odds in favor of some dancers over others. Younger performers like Audrina, Bristol and Kyle definitely have the edge when it comes to endurance, while older competitors might tire before the end of the dance period. When it comes to precision, the front-running dancers have an edge: Jennifer, Brandy and Audrina have all shown technical mastery in their dances.

Or maybe the combination will bring a surprise? It would be nice to see Rick or Kurt come out on top for once.

In any case, the dance marathon is not the only challenge for the week 6 dancers. The theme for the night is "Rock Week," which will mean a very different music style for most of the performers. Although there is no official word on the other competitors' dances, Audrina announced on her blog that she and partner Tony Dovolani will dance the paso doble to Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust."

Who knows what other rockin' hits we can expect?

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