'Dancing with the Stars': D.L. Hughley's Elimination is No Laughing Matter
'Dancing with the Stars': D.L. Hughley's Elimination is No Laughing Matter
Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor
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Another contestant was eliminated Tuesday night on season 16 of Dancing with the Stars. There were no surprises again, as America chose to vote along with the judges for the third week in a row and vote off one of the weakest dancers.

Comedian D.L. Hughley was sent packing as America had enough of his awkward and robotic dance moves. Unfortunately for Hughley, he just wasn't as likable as fellow funny guy and terrible dancer Andy Dick.

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Then There Was One

D.L. Hughley was the latest of the bad dancers to be voted out. You can argue Hughley was actually the worst dancer of everyone this season.

There's one, possibly two, stars left who are in the "bad" dancer category. Andy Dick is now the worst dancer left on the show, but he has shown an ability to entertain the crowd, which is why he lasted longer than D.L., who just never used his comedic and entertainment skills to his advantage. Boxer Victor Ortiz seems to be a step above the likes of D.L. and Andy, but he too could be lumped into the bad dancer category.

The Scores Just Didn't Add Up

All you have to do is look at D.L.'s scores and you can see why he was eliminated. Granted, he got better as the season went on, but he was only able to break a 20 once during week four with his rendition of the Foxtrot.

Besides his score of a 21 in week four, he got a 12 in week one, a 16 in weeks two and three, and an 18 this past week. He averaged a 16.6 from the judges this season, which is not very good.

A Comedian or a Clown?

D.L. is supposed to be a comedian. He had some funny lines, but ultimately the videos shown of him rehearsing and after the show made him much more unlikable to the audience. He was constantly complaining, and at one point accused the judges of being bullies.

He is actually a funny and successful comedian, but unlike fellow comedian Andy Dick, he didn't work towards his strengths. You can argue Andy is as bad a dancer, but he entertained the crowd.

Last Word

D.L. Hughley's time was up. Although I went with Victor in my prediction, which makes me 1-2-1 this season, Victor is a better dancer than D.L. I thought maybe fans would be rooting for the comedian because he is so bad, and Victor was already in the bottom two vote-getters twice leading up to last night's results.

By the way, Victor found himself in the bottom two once again, which means he is in serious jeopardy of being voted off next week if he doesn't turn things around. For now, we bid farewell to D.L., who never really had a chance between his terrible dancing and behind-the-scenes remarks.

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