'Dancing with the Stars' Week 5 Predictions: Who Will Fall to Latin Week?
'Dancing with the Stars' Week 5 Predictions: Who Will Fall to Latin Week?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Things are going to get interesting on this week's Dancing with the Stars: The Results Show. For the first time, the bottom two couples will face each other in a dance-off -- and the judges will then choose who stays and who goes.

What does this mean for Dancing with the Stars week 5 predictions? It does complicate things. But what is life without complications? Let's get to predicting!

Most Likely to Face Elimination

Melissa Gilbert (score = 21)

Melissa just isn't dancing as well as most of her considerable Dancing with the Stars season 14 competition. Thanks to her injury last week, the voting could go either way -- voters may abandon Melissa after a low-scoring dance, or they may rally in support of a dancer who overcame injury.

Gavin DeGraw (score = 19)
It was undoubtedly the poorest technique of the evening. Will the pure entertainment value of Gavin and Karina's dance -- mixed with strong fan support -- be enough to keep Gavin out of the bottom? He'd better hope so, since the judges won't mind letting Gavin go home.

Gladys Knight (score = 22)
The fans might keep her safe, but Gladys' scores were definitely on the low side in DWTS week 5. And she would have a hard time keeping up with younger competitors if it came to a dance off.

Probable Bottom Two

Melissa Gilbert and Gavin DeGraw
Both dancers got a pass last week, but voters aren't likely to be so charitable two weeks in a row. And if there are any dancers evenly matched at the bottom, it would be these two.

NOTE: Depending on how the voting goes, we might see Roshon Fegan as a substitute for one of these dancers. But there is no way he'll lose this dance off, so it doesn't really matter.

Who Should Go?
Melissa Gilbert

This is a tough choice. I know it's my own bias toward Gavin -- who I enjoy -- that makes me pick Melissa -- who I don't find interesting. Melissa did exhibit a little more technique this week, but her performance was not as good.

Should Be Worried

Jaleel White (score = 24)

While he did have a respectable score, Jaleel has a lot working against him this week. He danced in the always-dangerous first position. Voters are still leery after rumors of his fight with Kym Johnson. And there were so many high-scoring dances that "respectable" scores may not cut it.

Roshon Fegan (score = 26)
As evidenced by his position in the bottom two last week, people are not voting for Roshon. With scores dropping slighting in DWTS week 5 and nothing to bolster that fan base, Roshon could very well be in the bottom two again. Not that there's any way he could lose a dance off...

Probably Safe... For Now

Donald Driver (score = 27)
The lowest-scoring tango was still one of the highest-scoring dances of the night. And Donald's dance was excellent, entertaining and totally worthy of lots of votes.

Maria Menounos (score = 27)
They kissed. Even if the dance had not been technically impressive and fun, the kiss would probably keep Maria and Derek safe.

William Levy (score = 29)
He could just stand out there smiling, and William Levy would probably still be safe. With a nearly perfect (and very sexy) tango, William isn't going anywhere.

Katherine Jenkins (score = 29)
Any fears about a frontrunner slide were killed by this Argentine tango. The dance was about as close to perfect as we can get on Dancing with the Stars. Katherine has earned at least one more week.

Who do you think will be eliminated in Dancing with the Stars week 5? Who should be eliminated? What do you think about the dance off? Vote in our poll and leave your comments below!

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