'Dancing with the Stars' Week 5: Elimination Predictions
'Dancing with the Stars' Week 5: Elimination Predictions
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
OK, so the stars loved America last night, but did America love the stars back? Even in this country where all are created equal, not everyone gets the same amount of love. And, for one Dancing with the Stars contestant, that lack of love will trump any patriotism, leading straight to elimination.

So which of the stars will face exile from DWTS country? It's so close, that almost any of the remaining eight pairs could be in danger. But that's never been enough to keep me from guessing.

Most likely to go:
Petra Nemcova (score = 22)
The dance wasn't great (kind of wooden-looking, actually), and Petra didn't do her best work. She has a decent overall record so far, but will that be enough to carry Petra through an off-week?

Kendra Wilkinson (score = 22)
Kendra improved a lot over last week, but her dancing is still well below the season 12 standard. Plus, her rehearsal ranting could not have helped to endear the star to the public. A fun foxtrot this week may be enough for Kendra, but it's not a sure thing.

Most deserves to go:
Kendra Wilkinson
It was a tough call. Kendra and Petra (and Ralph, for that matter) had the same score. And Kendra's dance was more fun than Petra's. Still, Kendra has the lowest overall score (100 vs. Petra's 106) and a history of complaining. Contrast that with Petra's perpetual sunshine, and Kendra is in trouble.

Should be worried:
Kirstie Alley (score = 23)
She managed to avoid major mishap this week, but Kirstie's scores hardly put her at the front of the pack. On the other hand, Kirstie is the woman who brought us John Travolta's dancing tips and Maks' bare chest in the same week. She deserves some voter love for that!

Probably safe... For now:
Romeo (score = 26)
Hey, the guy can dance. He's probably the least charismatic star during interviews and rehearsals, but Romeo knows how to turn on the charm on that dance floor. And that is the point of Dancing with the Stars, after all.

Chris Jericho (score = 26)
Chris is fun, talented and blessed with an excellent partner. With his best score ever on this week's Viennese waltz, Chris should not have any worries about returning for another week.

Ralph Macchio (score = 22)
Yes, it was a terrible week for Ralph, with a score that sent him plummeting down to the bottom. But the bottom isn't so far anymore (a three-way tie at 22 points), and Ralph has a good track record to help. Plus, his samba was a fun crowd-pleaser. Ralph will be in trouble if he doesn't improve next week, but the actor is popular enough to weather one misstep.

Chelsea Kane (score = 26)
If it weren't for her relative lack of celebrity, I'd put Chelsea in the "no worries" category. The girl has serious dance talent going for her and consistently puts on fun performances that impress both the judges and the audience. But how much does popularity matter?

No worries (this week anyway):
Hines Ward (score = 27)
Ladies and gentlemen, we (finally) have a front runner! Hines' lead may not be significant, but he has maintained a strong presence throughout the show. Add in a whole lot of charm and popularity, and Hines has become the star to beat in season 12.

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Who do you expect to be rejected by America? Is it time for a formerly-safe star to fall? And what crazy theme do you want from Dancing with the Stars next week? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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