'Dancing with the Stars' Week 5: Elimination Predictions
'Dancing with the Stars' Week 5: Elimination Predictions
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
We got through TV Theme Week, and now it's time for someone else to go. Who could it possibly be, now that many of the lesser dancers have left the ballroom floor? The dancers are smoother, and the judges' scores are tighter. What can we expect in week 5?

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We won't know for sure until tonight's Results Show, but the dances and scores do make it possible to hazard a few predictions in advance of the official eliminations. Not that my predictions have been right every week -- no one saw that quick elimination of The Hoff back in week 1. Still, it's worth a try!

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Most likely to leave:
Bristol Palin (score = 18)
Excellent costuming aside, this wasn't her best night for dancing. Bristol visibly missed steps, and she's still not showing the personality that makes for the best performances. The gorilla suits were awesome, but this might be the time for Bristol to go.

Florence Henderson (score = 21)
Florence hasn't got that many more weeks left, no matter what the results are tonight. She's kept up with the younger dancers admirably, but the judges and audience are now looking for a higher level of dance. Last night's **Brady Bunch dance was fun and well danced, though, so Florence is probably safer than Bristol this week.

Most deserving of elimination:
Bristol Palin
Her dancing hasn't improved enough to keep up with the competition. Her judges' scores have been low for three weeks now. Bristol's dance was the only one last night to show any obvious mistakes. This is the right time for her to go. That said, the girl's got a lot of public support. Will it be enough?

Should be worried:
Kyle Massey (score = 20)
I don't think Kyle will be eliminated. He's a crowd favorite and endlessly entertaining. And his low scores in week 5 were solely the fault of a crotchety Len. When you get both an 8 and a 5 from the judges, you know that personal opinions are coming in to play.

Probably safe... For now:
Audrina Patridge (score 23)
The rumba was not a good dance for Audrina. The girl just doesn't display the overt emotions needed to pull off anything so intimately tied to passion. But Audrina's overall dancing in the competition has been excellent, and she is at the top of the heap when it comes to technical skills. She'll be around for awhile.

Rick Fox (score =24)
Rick is still sexy and a better dancer than you'd expect. His one drawback at the moment may be a lack of obvious progress -- Rick dances now just like he danced in week 1. The judges and audience are still loving it, but this could soon be a problem.

Kurt Warner (score = 24)
Kurt is the remaining dancer who has shown the most obvious improvement. His awkward stiffness has been replaced by a more graceful stiffness. And he can actually move! It probably doesn't hurt that Kurt can fill out a costume like no one else can.

Jennifer Grey (score = 25)
This wasn't Jennifer's best week, but even an off-dance only drops her to second place. Tiredness, injuries and high expectations may start to hurt Jennifer in the coming weeks, but there is no way she won't stick around to deal with them.

Brandy (score = 27)
Brandy has figured out how to dance. She stumbled a little during the early weeks, but the past few shows have displayed a stronger sense of confidence and ability. Brandy is definitely a likely choice for the DWTS finals and will not be leaving any time soon!

Who is your elimination prediction? Will it be expected, or will we see another upset. Let us know!

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