'Dancing with the Stars': Lisa Vanderpump Goes Back to Reality
'Dancing with the Stars': Lisa Vanderpump Goes Back to Reality
Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor
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Season 16 of Dancing with the Stars is starting to pick off the weakest dancers one by one. Tuesday night America voted and agreed for the most part with the judges as Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump was eliminated along with her professional dance partner Gleb Savchenko.

Vanderpump joins Dorothy Hamill and Wynonna Judd as the first three celebrities voted off season 16 of Dancing with the Stars. So far, it looks like America has gotten the voting right, with two of the worst dancers being voted off and the third (Hamill) bowing out on her own. Don't forget to download the BuddyTV Guide app so you can keep up with the latest eliminations and results on ABC's hit reality show.

So Close, Yet So Far

My prediction record falls to 1-1-1 so far this season with this week's result going into the loss column after I predicted boxer Victor Ortiz would be eliminated. I was torn between choosing Vanderpump and Ortiz although it did come down to those two stars. Vanderpump was the worse dancer, but I thought Vanderpump was connecting more with the audience than Ortiz. Both stars were also the final two remaining in the first week of eliminations before Hamill bowed out. Now that Vanderpump is gone, Ortiz could be the next to go.

Vanderpump's Health Scare

I figured there was a chance Vanderpump would go home Tuesday night, but I thought she may leave voluntarily after fainting during rehearsals last week. Vanderpump even had to go to the doctor and didn't have the same amount of time to rehearse as other contestants.

With Vanderpump refusing to quit and performing anyways Monday night, I thought she would get the sympathy vote from the viewers. Instead, Vanderpump has been put out of her misery and was sent home.

The Weaker They Are, The Quicker They Leave

I know there really have only been two stars voted off so far on season 16, but the viewers have done a good job with those selections. One thing about this season of Dancing with the Stars is that some of the celebrities are the clear cut best, while some are obviously the worst.

Wynonna Judd and Lisa Vanderpump were two of the worst dancers on this season and clearly shouldn't have been sticking around for too long. Despite Vanderpump beginning to come out of her shell, she was clearly one of the worst dancers left on the show. D.L. Hughley is probably the worst dancer, but Vanderpump was having trouble keeping up with the schedule anyway.

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Final Word

I have got to say I didn't know much about Lisa Vanderpump going into Dancing with the Stars. I figured Vanderpump was just another reality show star who was unlikeable and full of herself. Maybe she is, but as the season went on, I felt like Vanderpump became more and more likeable. I think if she was given a chance to continue to connect with the viewers she could have hung around a little longer. Despite being eliminated, I think she definitely came off well.

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