'Dancing with the Stars' Week 4 Results Prediction: Will Lisa Vanderpump Fall Victim to a TKO?
'Dancing with the Stars' Week 4 Results Prediction: Will Lisa Vanderpump Fall Victim to a TKO?
Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Monday night's Dancing with the Stars featured the stars' best year of their lives. Some dancers wowed the judges and crowd, while others continued to falter. Will it show in Tuesday night's results show?

Tonight's week four results show should be must-see TV with a couple big musical performances lined up and of course we find out which celebrity will be eliminated next on season 16 of Dancing with the Stars.

The Stars Come Out

There are a lot of jokes at the expense of the celebrities who join Dancing with the Stars. People say they aren't real celebrities, but rather, just former celebrities or "C" list celebrities looking to revive their careers. However, Tuesday night we will get to see a big musical celebrity.

Country singer Brad Paisley will be performing Tuesday night, but the big performance will be from Jennifer Lopez and Andrea Bocelli. Will Lopez prove to be the star of the show Tuesday night?

Speed it Up

I know Monday night's performances were going along with the best year of their lives theme, so there was a lot of reflection, but can we speed it up Tuesday night? I am hoping any dances that are performed Tuesday night take a more upbeat and fun approach.

The dances can't all be party songs, but Carrie Ann cried at least twice Monday night. Does anyone look back on the best year of their lives and have fun memories? If Jennifer Lopez sings a slow song Tuesday night I'm turning the channel.

Was it Enough?

Comedians D.L. Hughley and Andy Dick both had their best performances of the season so far Monday night. The best years of their lives proved to be their best nights of season 16, with both guys pulling in scores of 21. I think Hughley really hurt his chances by criticizing the judges on TV last week, but he seemed to redeem himself Monday night by making his dance a lot more entertaining.


This is by far the toughest prediction yet. I think Hughley is still in jeopardy despite his improvement this week. Meanwhile, Victor Ortiz got just a 18 from judges this week and he doesn't seem to have the connection with fans that some of the other stars do.

Lisa Vanderpump is the wild card. She passed out during rehearsals leading up to this week's performance, which I think could actually help her chances as the underdog contestant. However, her performance Monday night was the weakest of all the celebrities, scoring just an 18. Also, after having to see a doctor, will Vanderpump bow out of the competition and pull a Dorothy Hamill?

I must admit that I am torn between Vanderpump taking herself out of the competition and Victor Ortiz being voted off. Since Vanderpump decided to dance Monday night and hasn't left yet I am hoping she doesn't leave the show early. Therefore, I think Ortiz will be the next contestant voted off. Vanderpump and Hughley are worse dancers, but Ortiz just doesn't have the connection with the fans. I think the boxer will get eliminated Tuesday night.

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