'Dancing with the Stars' Week 4 Recap: Are You Ready to Rock?
'Dancing with the Stars' Week 4 Recap: Are You Ready to Rock?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV

Ready or not, rock-and-roll is taking over the ballroom!

If you aren't a fan of all that "classical" stuff they often play for the DWTS performances, then this is the week for you. All 10 of the remaining Dancing with the Stars season 14 competitors will perform to a rock song. And we'll be getting a performance from KISS... Let's rock!

Before we can rock, we must, of course, deal with such important things as statistics. Because where would we be without statistics? (Don't answer that.) The overall standings going into Dancing with the Stars week 4 are as follows:

1. Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas: 81 points
2. William Levy and Cheryl Burke: 77 points
3. Roshon Fegan and Chelsie Hightower: 74 points
4. (tie) Jaleel White and Kym Johnson: 73 points
4. (tie) Maria Menounos and Derek Hough: 73 points
6. Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd: 71 points
7. Sherri Shepherd and Val Chmerkovskiy: 70 points
8. Gladys Knight and Tristan MacManus: 66 points
9. Gavin DeGraw and Karina Smirnoff: 65 points
10. Melissa Gilbert and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: 64 points

Will these standings change after tonight? Let's get rocking and find out!

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Hey, they're using the KISS font for DWTS. Cute. Or am I supposed to call that badass? It's so hard to keep track of all this rock-n-roll stuff.

KISS is playing their most easily recognizable song (only partially because of That '70s Show). While about half of the audience doesn't appear to care at all about this, at least the judges are having fun. Instead of showing us KISS and the dancers out on the floor, we should just have a camera focused on the judges' table.

Oh well. There are pyrotechnics and stuff. That's cool too.

Good lord. What has Brooke Burke-Charvet done with her hair? The costuming, hair and makeup departments took the "rock" theme very, very seriously this year. The result is... interesting. Kind of like a bad dream about '80s heavy metal.

On the plus side, the theme gave us a kind of awesome headbanging group (William, Cheryl, Mark and Katherine, I think. It's hard to tell in that makeup.) in the celebrity lineup.

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And it's on to the first dance...

Sherri Shepherd and Val Chmerkovskiy
Dancing the tango

My Comments: Sherri is very funny. Val doesn't know the names of '80s bands very well.

Sherri is doing some impressive table dancing. Even if there's no way she's the singer. Some of Sherri's steps look a little bit too tentative and like she's about to trip on Val. But nothing is off or anything. And Sherri seems pretty committed to the dance overall. Especially when she's doing the "disdainful woman leaving Val in the dust" thing.

Judges' Comments
Len: "Be still my beating heart!" "Overall, you did a great job."
Bruno: "You did a lap dance for me! You did a lap dance for him, and he loved it..." "Great attitude, you played it very well." "I like it when you're nasty..."
Carrie Ann: "I think what was lacking was your normal exuberance." "Your face was expressionless, which I've never seen before." "But I liked your form."

Scores: 7+7+7 = 21

I guess the 8 run has ended.

Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas
Dancing the paso doble

My Comments: It would be funny if someone from KISS broke into one of the official dances. Although that might cause some problems with the scoring...

It's hard to believe a "badass" personality accompanied by giggles.

Uh oh. Vamp paso doble costumes have come out. They're certainly not slowing the dance at all. There are a couple of places that look a little more hesitant than Katherine usually gives, but it's nothing major. Seriously this is a very entertaining dance. Very aggressive and cool.

You almost have to feel sorry for everyone else this season.

Judges' Comments
Len: "It had promise but it didn't quite deliver." "You went for the attack..."
Bruno: "We got Katherine on kickass mode!" "You forgot to finish it... It wasn't as clean and precise and defined as a paso should be."
Carrie Ann: "Tonight, I think that the intensity was there... but I think it threw you off your footing."

Scores: 8+8+8 = 24

Maybe they're giving the rest of the celebrities a chance? That would be fair.

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Jaleel White and Kym Johnson
Dancing the tango

My Comments: Is it possible to live with no Mick Jagger at all? How could anyone living in the past four decades avoid the man?

The Mick Jagger walk looks silly on Mick Jagger. So... yeah. Fortunately, that's over soon, going into more standard tango stuff. The dance seems very smooth and precise, although it's perhaps a little lacking in emotion and fire. It's not slow, but it almost feels slow. That said, it's a very good dance. Probably one of the best tangos we're going to get, when it comes down to it.

Judges' Comments
Len: "I liked the humor you put in it." "It needed more attack, a little bit more aggression." "It's gotta be... panther-like stalking across the floor."
Bruno: "I love the Jagger beginning!" "It was a little bit underpowered... the performance was good."
Carrie Ann: "I loved it." "There's just something funky and weird about it." "You have a tendency to be a little smooth... try not to be so smooth."

Scores: 8+7+7 = 22

Please don't call him Jaleel Jagger. Please, Brooke.

And wow. Low scores this week...

Melissa Gilbert and Maksim Chmerkovskiy
Dancing the paso doble

My Comments: Oh good. We were due for a Maks meltdown! Yay!

That was not a very "rock" opening. Nor is this much of a rock song. Maks may have an odd definition of "rock." As for the dance, Maks looks great. This is not meant to be an insult to Melissa, but it's kind of hard to notice her next to a gold-clad, aggressive Maks. Melissa has some very fast moves in this, but it doesn't look very precise a lot of the time. It's definitely not aggressive. Not compared to Maks anyway. But is that possible?

Judges' Comments
Len: "I liked it... I thought you'd be a little bit and unsure and unsteady, but you came out and attacked it." (Ummm... How did I miss Maks slipping?)
Bruno: "Hot-blooded drama aplenty! Loved the flavor of Spain. But you messed up the ending." "At time I feel you're still running for it."
Carrie Ann: "On the whole, I thought that was your best performance by far." "When you're in hold, you don't consider yourself equal with Maks."

Scores: 7+8+7 = 22

Note that, despite this being their "best performance," the scores are lower than last week. OK...

Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd
Dancing the paso doble 

My Comments: Donald has big muscles. Even in a granny sweater.

He looks better without it though. Distractingly good, actually. Watch out William! Some of the moves kind of look like something out of a karate movie. Not bad or anything, just a random association. Actually this is a very good dance. Properly aggressive, precise looking and very entertaining. And that super-spin by Peta at the end was nothing short of amazing.

Judges' Comments
Len: "I never thought I'd get excited seeing a man with his shirt off. After the show, we'll compare tattoos." "I don't know whether you scared the bull. You frightened the life out of me." "Without a doubt, your best dance."
Bruno: "Great guns, Donald! Muscular! Masculine! Magnificent!" "It had power, it had pride, and a bit of a sense of humor."
Carrie Ann: "What the heck did I just see?!" "That was the most bizarre, sexy, hot pasos I've ever seen."

Scores: 9+9+9 = 27

Gladys Knight and Tristan MacManus
Dancing the tango

My Comments: Is it weird that the most rock-n-roll competitor this season is a woman in her 60s?

Awesome video opening. This tango does have the intensity it needs, but it doesn't involve quite enough movement to be compelling the way some dances are. Gladys does seem to be hitting most of the steps, but those steps don't look quite as good as they probably should. Overall, a good dance, but not the most passionate of the night.

Judges' Comments
Len: "I thought, Gladys, you coped very well with very difficult music." "Well done. It's not your best dance, but it's not your worst."
Bruno: "You're always a class act." "I think you coped very well... It lacked a little bit of impact."
Carrie Ann: "By far your most ambitious routine." "I just felt like it didn't quite come together."

Scores: 7+6+7 = 20

William Levy and Cheryl Burke
Dancing the jive

My Comments: Oh the screams. The screams...

OK, I do know some '80s metal. But I don't know Steel Panthers. Does that make me lose all my rock cred? You know, that little bit of cred I had remaining after these Dancing with the Stars recaps...

The jive is a bit cheerful for a rock song. Even if it's "We're Not Gonna Take It." That aside, this is a good jive for the most part. They're moving fast and bouncing all over the floor, which seems right. There was a weird bit in the middle that was either unusual choreography or a mistake. Honestly, I'm not sure which. But the dance is good. And where did William find that guitar for the finish?

Judges' Comments
Len: "It is what it is. You went wrong. You lost timing during the end part..." "You gotta nail the routines, William. Otherwise, anything can happen."
Bruno: "Your performance always rocks the house. But, you did go off." "Tonight isn't quite as good as it used to be."
Carrie Ann: "They go crazy for you, for good reason." "You just gotta watch the routine and stay focused."

Scores: 7+7+8 = 22

Roshon Fegan and Chelsie Hightower
Dancing the Viennese waltz

My Comments: Seriously? The Viennese waltz? What was somebody thinking? Oh well, could be interesting. (Side note: Roshon needs to play the humility card a little bit. He never sounds like he thinks anything is his fault. Anyway...)

This is rock? Ummm... Soft rock. Adult contemporary maybe... Not quite rock though.

But what can you do with a waltz? Weird music aside, this is a pretty waltz. Roshon doesn't look as comfortable as he did in some of the other dances. Not bad though. They're certainly moving quickly, which is impressive in itself. Unlike many of the other men, Roshon actually does some fancy footwork too. Good dance.

Judges' Comments
Len: "Good job, dawg." "I thought you performed it with style and you performed it with panache."
Bruno: "You're flying so high you can touch the sky!" "Elegant and romantic, I loved it!"
Carrie Ann: "It was so cute -- it's like watching the climax out of a Disney movie."

Scores: 9+8+9 = 26

Maria Menounos and Derek Hough
Dancing the tango

My Comments: It looks like Maria is going to be the always-injured star of Dancing with the Stars season 14. Ouch.

Wow. So much for the schoolgirl uniform. This is one of the better tangos of the night. The speed and intensity are both good. Maria also looks to be keeping up with Derek -- always a good sign. And it was just good. Very, very good. Somehow she even did it with a broken foot! Wow.

Judges' Comments
Len: "You had the aggression, occasionally I thought it lost a little bit of control." "Your posture's the tops."
Bruno: "Beauty, attitude and sex appeal by the truckload!" "What you can do with your foot healed, I don't know. But that was brilliant."
Carrie Ann: "You guys have such incredible chemistry when you dance... Every move, I was in love with."

Scores: 9+8+9 = 26

Gavin DeGraw and Karina Smirnoff
Dancing the tango

My Comments: If Gavin can't do well in Rock Week, he's probably done. You know, considering his profession.

Gavin kind of looks like a character out of A Clockwork Orange. That may be rock-n-roll. I wouldn't know. Gavin looks a little stiff in the dance -- not that that's entirely a problem in the tango. It does decrease the passion a little bit. On the other hand, this seems to be one of Gavin's better dances in terms of precision and steps. It's actually a pretty good dance.

Judges' Comments
Len: "I liked it! Don't go crazy -- I didn't like it that much." "It had flair and it had attitude." "You've got to tuck your bum under, but it was good."
Bruno: "You were very determined and very focused, but your frame was bad." "It was like watching a turtle at times."
Carrie Ann: "I felt like I was watching Johnny Depp on this stage." "I thought your posture was a little strange..."

Scores: 8+8+7 = 23

Those are good scores for such negative comments. Nice... (Yes, I like Gavin. Sue me.)

Uh-oh. It sounds like Melissa got hurt at some point in the evening. They'll let us know how she is tomorrow.

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Who rocked it tonight? Which dances were the best? The worst? The most surprising? Leave your comments below!

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