'Dancing with the Stars' Week 4: Elimination Predictions
'Dancing with the Stars' Week 4: Elimination Predictions
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Well, we made it through Classical Week. Some of the Dancing with the Stars performers, however, may not have made it through unscathed. With some lackluster performances, crazy judge moments and shoe malfunctions, there are definitely some stars in danger of DWTS elimination.

Who will it be? Time for some best guesses...

Most likely to go:
Kendra Wilkinson (score = 18)
The judges weren't impressed. Kendra didn't give much that the audience could relate to. She's far from the most popular/famous contestant. And there's no really bad dancers left. Kendra could be in trouble.

Most deserves to go:
Kendra Wilkinson
She's hardly a bad dancer. In fact, Kendra has done quite well so far in the competition, giving us some excellent dances. However, the week 4 Viennese waltz was the lowest-scored of the night and failed to show the improvement that might keep Kendra around.

Should be worried:
Sugar Ray Leonard (score = 21)
Sugar Ray is a crowd-pleaser with very good performance skills. Unfortunately, he's not that great a dancer, technically speaking. Fame and fun will probably keep Sugar Ray around for a bit, but his days may be numbered.

Probably safe... For now:
Kirstie Alley (score = 22)
Freak accidents have been keeping Kirstie down in the past two weeks, but, fortunately for her, everyone recognizes them as accidents. Kirstie's dancing is pretty good, and she's a lot of fun to have on Dancing with the Stars. She just needs to hope that the accidents stop before the audience gets annoyed.

Petra Nemcova (score = 23)
I didn't think her paso doble was the greatest, but the judges were impressed. Her tie for the win should carry Petra through for awhile, but lack of recognition will hurt her without repeated great dancing.

Romeo (score = 23)
Romeo's paso doble seemed to be fast, technically-good and well-performed. Unfortunately, we couldn't see it. Bad lighting and less of an audience connection might hurt Romeo in the long run, but this was a good week for him.

Chelsea Kane (score = 26)
Chelsea has a big struggle ahead of her if she wants to get the popular vote needed to make the finals. But the girl can dance, and her Viennese waltz was lovely (if a bit odd and suffering from Mark's show-off choreography). The highest score of the night rarely goes home, if nothing else.

Chris Jericho (score = 23)
Chris may not be perfect, but he's pretty darn good on the dance floor. The paso doble had the anger and commanding presence needed for fan popularity. Chris has gotten consistently good scores throughout the competition and should be fine for the time being.

No worries (this week anyway):
Hines Ward (score = 25)
Another great performance from Hines helped to keep him among the leaders in week 4. Hines is easily the most consistent performer of the season, and he has a great personality to match. Barring a disastrous dance in future weeks, Hines isn't going anywhere.

Ralph Macchio (score = 25)
Ralph seemed to be losing his edge in weeks 2 and 3, but it was all back for week 4. The waltz was beautiful and moving and performed well.

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Who is your week 4 pick for Dancing with the Stars elimination? Do you expect the voters to keep anyone in spite of the votes? How much to you think Kirstie's random troubles will help or hurt her? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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