'Dancing with the Stars' Week 4: Elimination Predictions
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Well, at least some of the stars made this week's predictions easier. After last week, when I honestly enjoyed just about everything that danced before my eyes, it's almost a relief to have a couple of lesser dances in the mix. Not that I want anyone gone much more than I did before. If we could just get Margaret back and spend the whole season watching 10 dancers each week...

But it is not to be. The producers of Dancing with the Stars, who may know a little more than me about all of this, have decreed that we are to lose a dance pair every week. Which means that someone has got to disappear from the stage.

Who will it be? While we can't know for sure until tonight's Results Show, this week's performances do point to some likely winners and losers.

Most likely to leave:
The Situation (score = 28)
This was just bad. Last week's not-great dance at least had an element of ridiculous fun to make the performance almost work. This week, it was just a dance. And a poorly done dance at that. This may be the end of The Situation.

Bristol Palin (score = 32)
I guess the honeymoon is over? After a couple of weeks in which the judges seemed to praise Bristol more highly than she may have deserved, we're on to the backlash. I actually liked this dance better than Bristol's earlier performances (and not just because of the half-naked Mark - honest!), but the judges were not pleased. It was easily a better dance that The Situation's, but the judges' ire may spread to the voters.

Most deserving of elimination:
The Situation
Hey, we gave him a chance. If The Situation had any sleeping dance ability, it should have awoken by now. Also, we got to see the abs this week, so we're good.

Should be worried:
Kurt Warner (score = 34)
This is another dancer for whom the honeymoon may be over. While I liked Kurt's rumba, the judges were less than impressed. That, coupled with Kurt's inability to not look football-ready on the dance floor, should be a source of worry. Kurt's performance was not the worst of the night, not by a long-shot, but it does leave him in danger.

Florence Henderson (score = 35)
I think the dance was technically pretty good. But all I remember are those crazy gyrations and the dancing of two people who needed their children to censor the dance. Couldn't the kids have censored just a little more? The crowd seemed to like it, though, and the scores weren't bad, so probably Florence will make it back for another week or two.

Probably safe... For now:
Rick Fox (score = 39)
How could Rick Fox not totally rock the tango? He was perfect! Maybe he was a little too perfect, or maybe that height finally became an issue? Whatever the case, Rick's tango didn't have the flair of his earlier dances. He should be fine for now, but that flair had better come back soon.

Kyle Massey (score = 40)
I honestly don't think Kyle is leaving until right near the end. He's just too much fun to watch! That said, the increased emphasis on the technical side of the performance may hurt him over the weeks. But not anytime soon, so we're OK!

Better get used to them:
Audrina Patridge (score = 46)
Audrina had a lot of expectations placed on her this week. Having briefly unseated Jennifer Grey from the top with a pair of 9s (the first of the season), viewers expected another stunning performance. We got a good performance, even if it didn't totally stun. Audrina is one of the best technical dancers on the show, so don't expect her to go home any time soon.

Brandy (score = 48)
Brandy seemed to struggle in her first couple of weeks. The dances were good, but something was always just a little off. The constant clips showing Brandy and Maksim arguing backstage couldn't have helped. But the situation seems to have changed over the past couple of weeks. Instead of a diva arguing with a tough coach, we got to see an almost screwball couple, playfully bantering over their differences. Whether that was the real change or not, the dancing is much better now.

Jennifer Grey (score = 56)
After last week's performance, in which a slight stumble sent Jennifer and Derek to second place, people began to wonder if Jennifer Grey had the staying power to make it through to the end of the competition. Safe to say that last night's tango ended the wondering. Good luck to everyone else, because they're going to need it!

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