'Dancing with the Stars' Week 3 Elimination: Time for Cho to Go
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
During the third week of Dancing with the Stars: The Results Show, Margaret Cho became the latest celebrity struck down by the mighty hand of elimination. The comedian's entertaining performances and even more entertaining costumes were unfortunately not enough to continue through to the fourth week of this tough competition.

Week 1 Dance - The Viennese Waltz
Margaret Cho struggled in DWTS from week 1, when she danced the Viennese waltz with partner Louis Van Amstel. Although she showed a certain level of dancing ability during the performance, the judges were put off by some ill-advised attempts at comedy during the dance. A choreographed stumble that looked a little too real was a particular sticking point.

The premiere night results left Margaret with only 15 points and a three-way tie for last place with David Hasselhoff and The Situation. Considering the higher profile of the two losing men, it did not look good for Margaret.

Then the voters came through. In a surprising turn of events, Cho and Van Amstel received a higher number of votes than David Hasselhoff and Kym Johnson. Margaret was safe, and the Hoff was off.

Week 2 Dance - The Jive
Margaret Cho saw her fortunes (although not her wardrobe - what was up with that dress?) improve somewhat during the second week of DWTS. Margaret and Louis' jive scored 18 points, good enough for a noted improvement and a tie with The Situation down near the bottom. But not quite at the bottom, as that spot was reserved for Michael Bolton's tragic 12 points.

Her scores only marginally better, the real improvement came during judges' comments, in which Margaret received praise for taking criticism to heart. At the next night's Results Show, Margaret Cho and Louis Van Amstel found themselves safe, while Michael Bolton faded (loudly) into the night.

And then came...

Week 3 Dance - The Samba
Margaret and Louis certainly looked ready for success as they paraded down the DWTS stairs in glorious double rainbow attire. Alas, the performance did not replicate the magnificence of Margaret's headdress. The dance started out strong, with Margaret shimmying like a pro. Then, there was a stumble. Followed by a few more missed steps. The couple recovered enough to make it to their big finish, but the damage was done.

The judges must have seen some skill in the dance, since they awarded her another 18 points, but it was clear that the missteps were going to hurt. For the first time, Margaret and Louis landed alone at the bottom. Any chance of voter redemption finally vanished during the next night's Results Show. The time had come for Margaret Cho to go.

What Got Her?
In the end, it all came down mistakes in the dance. Margaret Cho's performance - without the missteps - was easily equal to that of some other dancers (it was entertaining, but was The Situation's foxtrot all that good?). The other dancers did not, however, stumble in any serious way. And we're far enough along in the competition that mistakes just aren't going to cut it.

Was Margaret's fairly outrageous brand of humor a problem? Hard to say. The humor definitely did not work for the judges during week 1, but it did resonate with the voting public. Margaret's humorous personality was most likely a help during week 2, when she was able to respond to the judges' advice with appropriate joking grace.

But the jokes were not enough when it came to week 3. Humorous miscalculations may have put Margaret Cho on the edge, but it was a samba stumble that shoved her over.

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