'Dancing with the Stars' Week 3 Live Results: Someone's Got to Go
'Dancing with the Stars' Week 3 Live Results: Someone's Got to Go
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Do we really have to eliminate someone? Couldn't we just pretend that this week doesn't count? It would just be so much better if no one had to leave!

Alas, it will not be so. Someone does need to leave. And I may need to shed a tear. Poor whoever it is!

Who do you expect to leave?
According to the astute fans who vote here at BuddyTV, the most likely dancer to leave after tonight is Margaret Cho, with 61 percent of the elimination votes (sob). If it's not Margaret, we seem to think The Situation's days are limited (22 percent of voters think he'll be the one to go). Bristol Palin and Florence Henderson caught a few of the bad votes as well, but they seem much less likely.

Will we be right? Wrong? So totally off that we collectively kick ourselves at the end of the night?

Guess the only way to find out is to watch!

But before we watch...

Did you miss anything?
If you did, never fear! Our semi-live recap is here! It got to you late, but it was direct from the source and written in the Dancing with the Stars studio (OK, written from backstage at the DWTS studio, but still cool!).

Overall it was an impressive night. The top of the pack were all so good that picking out a favorite was nearly impossible. The most impressive of the night though? Had to be Audrina and Tony dancing the waltz and earning season 11's first scores of 9 from the judges. Most of the other leading couples stayed strong, and Brandy came back as a force!

Down at the bottom, Margaret and Louis suffered from dance errors, and Bristol and Mark needed to show more emotion. Both were good, entertaining dances though, so this race to avoid elimination will be tough!

So are you all caught up now? Great! Since it's time for...

The live Results Show!!!
Should be an interesting night. A tight competition to avoid elimination and even the return of Michael Bolton!

Time to watch a repeat of The Situation and Karina travel through time! You know, this is just as awesomely insane the second time around. Thank you producers!

That's mean Tom -- the poor Situation just danced and you're talking about his elimination?

Speaking of eliminations, it's time for...
In the first round of results, we have Audrina and Tony SAFE!

Also, Kurt and Anna are safe!

20101004-Warner2.jpgKyle and Lacey remain in limbo, waiting for either elimination or dancing bliss.

Wait, why is there now a violin challenge happening? Guess I'll find out after the credits...

Back from the credits now. And time for a performance from Ne-Yo. He seems to have brought his own dancers. But none seem to be dancing as much as Ne-Yo himself. Impressive.

So it seems that we will now watch Donny Osmond hang out with random people in Las Vegas. Including one woman who thinks Audrina would beat The Situation in a bar fight. Also, a lot of not-fit men lifting shirts. Thank you (not so much) Situation...20101004-Grey2.jpg

Time for more RESULTS!!!
Jennifer and Derek are safe! Shock! Excitement!

Yay! Rick and Cheryl are in jeopardy! Oh wait...
And Brandy and Maksim are safe too!

OK, when are we supposed to cheer? This is so confusing...

Back again!

Where we find out that next week's dances are the rumba and the Argentine tango. Cool.

Time for Mark Ballas and Val Chmerkovskiy to compete in guitar/violin duel (also dancing). Why not? Sort of a cross between "Dueling Banjos" and "The Devil Went Down to Georgia." Only with ballroom dancing.

OK, time for Michael Bolton to sing. They hid Bruno somewhere, right? 'Cause this could get ugly otherwise. So far though? Pretty. Of course, he's singing "Hallelujah," which is always pretty (probably why it's been covered 80 million times).

Now what I want to know is, how did they arrange a children's choir so fast, since Michael was only confirmed yesterday? Pretty impressive.

Yay! Time for awkward small talk with Tom! And a shot of an uncomfortable Bruno. Heehee...

More RESULTS now!!!
Or not. Commercials first. Sigh.20101004-Situation1.jpg

Of the four lowest-scorers...

The Situation and Karina are safe!

Bristol and Mark are in jeopardy!
Florence and Corky are safe!

Which leaves Margaret and Louis in jeopardy...

And we will eventually find out who else is safe. But not before some more commercials! Yay!

Still in jeopardy: Kyle and Lacey, Rick and Cheryl, Bristol and Mark, Margaret and Louis.

Oh, Margaret looks like she thinks she's going home. Sad.20101004-Massey2.jpg

But Kyle and Lacey are safe!

Unfortunately no more results until after the commercials. Which include the single scariest ad ever. I will never, ever, EVER purchase Dance Star Mickey! Stop promoting that evil thing, Donny Osmond! Please???

20101004-Fox3.jpgOK, the commercials are over. Good. So it's back to the final RESULTS of the night!

Rick and Cheryl are safe!

Which leaves just two more couples... Who will it be?
Bristol and Mark are safe!

Well, it looks like Margaret Cho and Louis Van Amstel have been eliminated!

Awww... Margaret is crying. And I want to cry too. Boo... (Although probably not unjustified, if I force myself to be honest.)

20101004-Cho1.jpgAnd as they dance their last dance, I type my last words (for tonight). Week 3 is over! And only nine dancers remain to dance another week!

Do you agree with the results? Disagree? Have any particular strong feelings? Let us know!

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