'Dancing with the Stars' Week 3: Elimination Predictions
'Dancing with the Stars' Week 3: Elimination Predictions
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
This is getting harder each week.

It's not so bad in the beginning, when you have a chance to predict the elimination of really bad dancers or people you don't care about. But after awhile, it gets tough. Like I'm predicting the untimely demise of a friend or something. Almost like I want them to go.

At this point, I honestly don't want anybody to go. I know it defeats the entire point of a competition, but can't we just keep them all around for a few more weeks? Please?

Alas, the universe (and the producers of Dancing with the Stars) will not hear my pleas. Which means I'm just going to have to suck it up and predict some eliminations. Sigh...

Most likely to leave:
Margaret Cho (score = 18)
It pains me to say (or even think) this, but it's probable that Margaret will be the next to go. She's never been at the top, or even the higher end of the middle, in any week. And this week, she's at the bottom. Plus, her comedy and fairly extreme personality make her more difficult for some people to relate to. Margaret's dance stumbles this week may have sealed her fate.

Most deserving of elimination:
No one! No one, I tell you! Keep them all!
Or, if that doesn't work, maybe Bruno can eliminate Michael Bolton yet again when he comes on to sing.

Should be worried:
Florence Henderson (score = 20)
She's been doing a good job, and everyone in the known universe (plus a few aliens who may have gotten the satellite feed of The Brady Bunch) loves her. But she seemed to have slowed down a bit this week. The sentiment of her dance, along with Florence's adequate scores, will probably keep her safe this week, but the end may be near.

The Situation (score = 20)
The Situation definitely improved this week, and his dance was a lot of fun. But is that enough for the audience to forgive his previous two lackluster performances? It will probably work out for The Situation this week, but he will have to keep stepping up his game if he wants to stay.

Bristol Palin (score = 19)
Bristol faced serious criticism for the first time this week, with the judges beginning to grow impatient waiting for stronger emotions. Bristol's technical skills are improving immensely, but she needs to work on the emotional performance if she wants to stay in contention for the mirror ball.

Probably safe... For now:
Kurt Warner (score = 23)
Kurt has improved every week, and there is no way anyone is going to let him go after seeing that tea party clip. Plus, his Singin' in the Rain-style opening was pretty awesome. Kurt has some tough work ahead of him, if he wants to join the show leaders, but his solid work should be enough for the moment.

Better get used to them:
Kyle Massey (score = 23)
Until we're near the end of the tournament, when serious dancing skills may come into play, I can't imagine Kyle not coming back. The kid is just so much fun! This week's cute-fest of a dance was no exception.

Jennifer Grey (score = 24)
Two weeks on top of the leader board, followed by a close second place? Yeah, Jennifer's in this for the long haul. And why not? She's knocked the socks off of every dance style so far!

Brandy (score = 24)
In week 2 of DWTS, Brandy struggled a little. Her moves were off, the costume was terrible and the judges were unimpressed. This week, however, the diva was back in all her glory! Not even some questionable teaching strategies from Maks could stop this dance.

Rick Fox (score = 24)
He's pretty. He's charming. He seems to be managing that whole insane height thing. And the dances are always good. Rick will be around for several more weeks.

Audrina Patridge (score = 26)
Since the opening dance during the DWTS premiere, Audrina has shocked everyone with just how good she is at ballroom dancing. This week, the shock only intensified as the reality star earned the first 9s of the season. Barring an equally shocking loss of ability, Audrina is definitely a contender to take it all.

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