'Dancing with the Stars' Week 2: Dorothy Hamill Bows Out
'Dancing with the Stars' Week 2: Dorothy Hamill Bows Out
Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor
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Tuesday night's results show was filled with dancing, drama, and technical difficulties. Besides the first dancing pair being sent home on season 16 of Dancing with the Stars the show also featured an encore dance and some awkward live moments.

I'm sure producers wanted to start the show off with a bang and they tried by getting right to the results. They announced the first few teams that were safe as well as on of the teams that would be in jeopardy of being sent home later. There was only one problem; none of the teams could hear the hosts as they read the results.

Live Results Show Problems

It actually was quite funny. As Brooke Burke and Tom Bergeron were reading off the first few teams that were safe, none of them were responding. At first I thought there was some sort of tape delay thing going because it was as if they didn't hear the announcement being made that they were safe. Well it was that they didn't hear.

Ingo Rademacher and Kym Johnson were the first to be told they were safe, but Brooke Burke literally had to repeat herself two times after her initial announcement. The humorous part was that the music and camera panned in at the initial announcement to build up the drama. Wynonna Judd also didn't hear when she and Tony were called. Chalk this up to a live reality show fail for Dancing with the Stars.

Tipping Their Hand

Is it just me or are the producers possibly tipping their hands by allowing fans to decide the encore performance through Twitter. If the fans want to see an encore performance from Zendaya and Val then they surely wouldn't be the ones to be sent home right?

Beware of Bergeron

The first three pairs to be told they were safe were Ingo and Kym, Wynonna and Tony, and Sean and Peta. However, Victor and Lindsay were told they were in jeopardy.

The next round of picks alerted Alexandra and Mark as well as D.L. Hughley and Cheryl Burke that they are safe. Hughley and Burke had the lowest scores by far (28) and Hughley is the worst dancer so far, but like I said in my preview article on Tuesday Hughley is likeable and an underdog. Check one for me! Make it check two after Bergeron tells Lisa Vanderpump and her partner Gleb that they are in jeopardy. They were my pick to go home this week.

No Big Surprises

Kudos to Dancing with the Stars for trying to create suspense and make viewers think there was a chance three of the top four teams could be in jeopardy. Turns out it was just false drama. Kellie Pickler, Zendaya, and Jacoby Jones are all safe.

Despite their horrible performance week two, Dorothy Hamill and Tristan are safe. I'm a little surprised that Andy Dick is put in jeopardy because he and Sharna put on arguably the most entertaining week two performance.

One Big Surprise

The three celebrities in jeopardy are Andy Dick, Victor Ortiz, and Lisa Vanderpump. We find out Andy Dick is safe and after the big dramatic reveal viewers find out that Dorothy Hamill is bowing out of the competition because of her back injury. What the heck!?

After all that, the show throws fans a twist with Dorothy Hamill and Tristan going home. What I want to know is which of the final two celebrities in jeopardy (Lisa Vanderpump and Victor Ortiz) would have been sent home? The producers could have at least giving fans that. This way I could have known if my prediction was correct.

I, of course said Lisa Vanderpump was going to be sent packing and she very well could have if that Dorothy Hamill didn't voluntarily leave. If I was really good I would have been able to predict Hamill's decision, knowing she was dancing with an injury. Unfortunately I am not that good, but I still do think Vanderpump was the celebrity going home. What do you think?

I will have to give the show credit as they shocked me with the Dorothy Hamill announcement. Bergeron did allude to the fact that Hamill just let them know she was going to have to bow out. However, I doubt she told them minutes before the final reveal since she said it was doctor's orders. This means producers knew Dorothy was going home before the show and they cleverly built up the suspense before letting Dorothy make her announcement. Either way I would have liked to have known which team would have been eliminated if not for Dorothy voluntarily going home.

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