'Dancing with the Stars' Week 2 Results Prediction: Vanderpump Does Not Rule
'Dancing with the Stars' Week 2 Results Prediction: Vanderpump Does Not Rule
Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor
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For the first time on season 16 of Dancing with the Stars a contestant is being sent home. On Monday night's episode there were some good performances, bad performances and ugly performances. Will the worst dancing team get eliminated tonight on "Prom Night?"

Unfortunately you never know who the fans will vote for. If tonight's Dancing with the Stars results show was based on performance we would already know who lost (D.L. Hughley), but a big part of the show is a pair's likeability.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

There were some good performances, bad ones, and also a few ugly showings on the dance floor. Jacoby Jones, Andy Dick, Ingo Rademacher, and Sean Lowe put on good performances. The bad were Victor Ortiz, Wynonna Judd, and Lisa Vanderpump while the ugliest performance was by Dorothy Hamill. The 56-year-old former Olympian had a injured back, so she may get pity from the fans, but it doesn't help that she got all 5's from the judges

16-year-old Disney star Zendaya once again was arguably the best dancer. Kellie Pickler and Alexandra Raisman joined Zendaya at the top of the class. Andy Dick gets kudos for putting on a good show, but the top dancer so far in my opinion is the youngest contestant in Dancing with the Stars history.

Popularity Contest

Like American Idol, the contest isn't all about performance. Sure, they dance and the judges give them their scores, but don't forget this is also a popularity contest. Maybe more important than the judges scores is the audience's reaction to the scores. Are they upset that the judges gave a dancer like Dorothy Hamill low scores? Well they were upset with the three "5's" that Dorothy and Tristan received, which makes me think they won't be voted off, despite their poor showing Monday night.

I honestly think the video preview that showcases the dance pair before their live performance is as telling as the dance itself. For example, for as likeable as I think NFL player Jacoby Jones came off, I think boxer Victor Ortiz came off quite poorly after he was shown pouting during his rehearsals with his partner Lindsay Arnold.

And The Loser Is...

The judges scores from the first two weeks have been totaled up giving the pairings a combined score going into Tuesday's results show. The top vote getters so far are Zendaya and Val with 50 points and Kellie and Derek with 47 points from the judges. The bottom vote getter is D.L. Hughley and Cheryl Burke with 28 points.

After two weeks of dancing and getting to know the twelve stars, I have made my prediction for the first dancing pair to be sent home.

I predict Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump and Gleb Savchenko will be eliminated tonight.

They didn't have the lowest scores, but they clearly haven't done a very good job either. The reason they will end up being sent home is neither of them connected with the audience. Hughley and Hamill had worse performances, but they are both much more likeable. I think fans will want to see Hughley and Hamill improve and thus will vote them on to another week.

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