'Dancing with the Stars' Videos: Sherri Shephard and Jaleel White Answer Fan Questions
'Dancing with the Stars' Videos: Sherri Shephard and Jaleel White Answer Fan Questions
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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In this quiet period before Dancing with the Stars season 14 begins, it's good to take a moment to learn a little bit more about the celebrities ready to compete. Which stars have charisma? Which are competitive? Which are just plain lovable.

Without a show to tell us, these questions can be difficult to answer. That's why videos of stars like Jaleel White and Sherri Shephard are excellent getting-to-know-you tactics. Keep reading to see what these two DWTS competitors had to say.

Both of the videos feature a Dancing with the Stars season 14 celebrity answering a question submitted by a fan on Twitter. The questions are basic, but the answers are often quite entertaining.

First up, TV host and actress Sherri Shephard answers a question about her biggest competition.

You know, despite her assertion that Roshon Fegan and Chelsie Hightower were the biggest threat, I'm thinking that Sherri fears the star-power of Gladys Knight even more. Which will it be -- celebrity or youthful exuberance -- that takes this year's Mirror Ball trophy?

Or will Sherri Shephard take it all for herself?

The second of the two videos features actor Jaleel White answered the question on every fan's mind as we head into Dancing with the Stars season 14: Will the Urkel glasses make an appearance?

  • Jaleel White didn't get to keep a pair of glasses when he left Family Matters? That's sad.
  • So there will be some Urkel at some point in the competition... Maybe the suspenders? If they somehow manage to work the Urkel dance into a ballroom performance, I will be very impressed.
  • Apparently, one should be wary of making requests of DWTS performers. If they give you what you want, you are obliged to vote for them.

Is Urkel worth it?

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