'Dancing with the Stars' Video and Preview: Twitter Answers and Week 3 Dances
'Dancing with the Stars' Video and Preview: Twitter Answers and Week 3 Dances
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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We're already in week 3 of Dancing with the Stars season 13? Ah, how the time flies when the music starts... Anyway, to welcome you into the third week of the DWTS competition we have a brief preview of tonight's competition along with videos of some of the celebrities answering questions posed on Twitter.

Tweet and Ye Shall Receive
Thanks to the magic of Twitter, it seems that ordinary folk, such as ourselves, can actually interact with the celebrities of Dancing with the Stars. Granted, it's pretty limited interaction. Very limited even thus far, only two Twitter questions per week have been answered.

Still, that's kind of cool for the lucky two.

First up, we have Nancy Grace, answering a Twitter question from @JenJamison:

Not only do we get an answer from Nancy, but we get to enjoy the adorableness of Tristan MacManus and his accent!

Should we be concerned that Dancing with the Stars takes up more of Nancy's time than her self-titled legal issues show that has a major influence on public perceptions? It's probably best not to think about such things...

Next up, we have David Arquette, answering a tweet from @Isabella_Espo:

The stars get a say in choosing their costumes? You mean I can't just blame insane and vindictive costumers for some of the creations that appear on the stage?! Wow -- mind blown.

A Non-Twitter Video Too!
Because not everything in the universe happens on Twitter (just most of it), it's fair that ABC has a DWTS video totally unrelated to that medium. Instead, the video entitled "The Mirror Ball Trophy" just allows the stars to tell us exactly what they would do to win that coveted dance prize. It's kind of like "What would you do for a Klondike bar?" except no one gets ice cream in the end.

Check it out below:

Should we be scared at how much violence and crime plays into the strategies given? There's also a little bit of a question of taste, once they all get into how such a prize might be displayed...

Enough of These Videos, What About Week 3?
Since we've finished two weeks of dancing, of course it's time to get to the theme weeks. Week 3 will therefore reflect the theme of "The Most Memorable Year of My Life." That's right, they have to fit an entire year of memorable events into one short dance. Shouldn't be too hard, should it?

However the dancers choose to reflect upon their pasts, they still have to pick a dance style. Unlike the previous two weeks, in which the dances were assigned, this week each couple has a style of its own choosing.

The chosen dances are:
  • J.R. and Karina: Rumba
  • Chynna and Tony: Rumba
  • Ricki and Derek: Rumba
  • Kristin and Mark: Samba
  • Hope and Maks: Cha Cha
  • Nancy and Tristan: Waltz
  • Rob and Cheryl: Foxtrot
  • David and Kym: Rumba
  • Carson and Anna: Tango
  • Chaz and Lacey: Rumba

That's a lot of rumbas there.

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Which dances are you looking forward to the most? Did you enjoy the Twitter-answer videos? What would you do for a Mirror Ball Trophy? Leave your comments below!

(Image and videos courtesy of ABC)